4 month posting hiatus!?

For the past several months I’ve been mostly avoiding posting here for a few reasons that I will list below (I will resume again today though now that my schedule has a bit of break in it)

A. Worth it?
Many adult game devs either don’t have a website or don’t use it as a blog. I’ve had a site and blog for ages since i’m pretty OG. But I wanted to see if I really “needed” the site, considering the cost and technical mumbo jumbo i need to do to maintain it. And considering there so many other platforms to interact with fans/supporters on. I’ve been pretty active in the Discord. And Discord, followed by twitter as a back up, is the primary way to contact me currently. I also took into consideration that tumblr kicked the bucket a while ago. And that could really be any current social site really.

B. Time consuming.
As mentioned in A there is a lot of maintenance and monitoring the site for new comments. some of which actually takes me hours to reply to. And it takes several hours (on average 4) to make those lengthy informative posts with images and such. I always assume people would rather i be working on content (which I am very behind on as it is). On top of that I’m always running into something becoming out of date and in need of upgrade. Currently I need up the OS my site runs on, and update the version of php. which i’m pretty sure will break my website template and some plugins. so I need a new modern template, and also see what breaks. Hopefully the website even loads in first place. Because I did that it didn’t. I any case all of that is not game development and nearly a full time job as a system admin on it’s own.

So if the site is down in the near future, I’m very likely in the process of breaking something in the process up updating the website and plugins. please join the Discord (using the module on the right side of the page) or follow on twitter keep up with everything in the event the site is down.