January 2, 2024

6 thoughts on “Artificial Academy 2 and Koikatsu Umichan/ARIA character cards

  1. If my computer’s FPS for KK weren’t shit and I wasn’t distracted with so many other things, I’d go back and make more characters. But It is, and I am, so it’s not likely soon. This brings back memories though~

    1. All good. I’m sure people would enjoy them if you ever get around to it. There’s actually a few more card i need to post here as well.

  2. Interesting,i did find the Zytra card trought BepisDB search. She is my favorite,but the card you shared is a vanilla only, without HF patch.
    I’m currently making a more “close to the actual” Zytra Card,using modded stuff.
    I’m using the MMD models as reference. The face is done,its not 1:1 with the MMD model,but its 90% accurate. Now i just have to make the body. The card will be uploaded on BepisDB if you’re interested.

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