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The Rookie on Newgrounds!

Please go help vote on it!

MMD: Luma model test

For those that like MMD I have finally updated the Luma model. As I mentioned in an earlier post, now I just…

Idol Outfits

ttrop has designed some idol outfits for some of the Umichan characters. will try to use in upcoming content. please post any…

New Character Casual Clothing!

Vortex00 and ttrop have been working the past days on designing the casual clothes for some characters! Here are some previews~ So,…

ARIA: The Rookie

You are the new rookie agent, decide which sexy teammate will influence you the most.

Maiko x Luma animation wip

This pairing was nominated and voted for on on my patroen.

Remi x Luma animation wip

This pairing was nominated and voted for on on my patroen.

Umichan Art updates (Luma)

please post thoughts

Luma animation wip

about halfway though I forgot to switch back to fullscreen >< http://spiralvortexplay.com/svp/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Luma_animation_wip.mp4

MMD: Panoramic (Luma)

not into 3dpd I got that 3dcg. Was in a rush so not the best render in the world. also the camera…

Umichan Randomness 2

was going to have more but maybe next time. The important thing was that I got a lot of characters redone. Not…

MMD: Dance of the Tail

These models are bit older but I decided to use them anyways. Big milk sacks Luma is not too bad. Luma’s boobs…

MMD: Right There

  still not where I want to be but it’ll have to do for now. I also recently remembered I have the…

more Luma progress mmd

Almost done with Luma. Going to probably work on some game stuff for now. I’m getting behind where I want to be…