September 15, 2023

16 thoughts on “more Luma progress mmd

  1. Pic number 4 does look better for her eyes, it is clear and more colorful than the old ones. The breast are nice the way they are. I see you show a pic of the other models breast size. Everything looks sharp congrats.

    1. Thanks, I think I will make pattie’s areola size back to normal now heh. and I need to work on riley’s boobs also, but they don’t need much work.

    1. yeah like too narrow or something, plus it is hard for me to get them to look dead on at something because of how it is drawn. pic 1 eyes was the same I used in umcc and several people had some issues with the eyes in that game. 2 & 3 are bit too bright when actually in mmd, it makes the eye look all the same color.

  2. Luma is looking udderly delicious as always nomnomnom Nice work on updating her 🙂 I want to play with her hair twirls like Homer did with the pig’s tail. Curly, straight, curly, straight.

  3. A mudança que você fez realmente ficou boa, da mais individualidade ao personagem, os olhos antigos lembram o que você faz nos desenhos (e o que eu imito quando faço seu traço), mas os olhos novos também ficaram bons, lembra algo mais tradicional, acho que no seu traço se você escurecer a pupila e aumenta um pouco também deve ficar bom. Os dois jeitos estão ótimos.

    Eu gostei bastante da Luma de óculos, ela ficou bem bonita e da uma aparência mais suave, eu acho que combina com ela.

    1. Wow she is pretty rack and stack after all! LOL

      It’s actually looking better than I can imagine wow.

      1. racked and stacked indeed heh
        the same test motion used in the video with this current version of luma looks pretty lewd. I’ll finish it sometime tomorrow or the day after.

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