VortexPlays: Mogi Origins Alpha

It is difficult to give a number review on a alpha version of a game. Compare it to what ? It is not done. It isn’t even fair to compare it to other things that are also not done. What gets potential issues gets a pass and what does not? It is simply too early to give a review by numerical score.

However, taking tons of things into assumption, the game is off to a great start. There are no major game play Issues  I ran into while playing.

Most of these type games have their own unique thing that differentiates itself from other similar games. In this case it is obviously with the player characters tool. It is used as his weapon and also to navigate certain parts of the level by hooking on to climb up ledges and edges of crates. There is a lot of room here to get very creative with this. But so far there isn’t too much of it in this first level. It is a nice start.

Story Elements
Not only is it so far nothing that explains why the monsters are there, the npcs don’t even seem to notice the monster girls are even there.
You even pass one npc at the end who is sitting there watching the player character fight for his life. And he just sits there as if he is oblivious to anything even happening right in front of him.

Gameplay Mechanics
The tool to climb is good. Getting out of the hentai parts could be a little easier and progressively get harder. Or make it so that different monsters have different difficulty levels when trying to escape. Also different monsters can have totally different ways of escaping them. And not all of them have to harm the player character. Maybe some monsters you have to satisfy them and you can get materials to upgrade his weapon or a temporary ability or something.

Hentai Content
The one pumpkin girl animation is good. I like the fact that the animation angle shows the action in close up details from the front view. It makes potentially unlocking the hentai animations in a gallery much more worth while. It is common in games like this for the sprite characters to do the hentai acts, and a animation like the one of the pumpkin girl would show as the image when you fully die.

Hentai Presentation
It was a bit hard to get out of the sex considering it is only the first level. It should be a bit easier until later on. Combined with no checkpoints at all and having to start over because the bar is moving way too fast eventually got frustrating.

Level and Environment Design
The level makes sense which is good. It looks like a facility where materials in crates are stored, and not just a textured obstacle course.
Some games actually have levels that make no sense what so ever. For example the inside of a building, and on the inside of the building there are slops, ramps, a under water part, random floating platforms and all kind of other things that don’t make any sense for it to be in a building.
So here, the steel bars are hooked to cranes, boxes are stacked on each other, machines are there and move crates around, and everything in the level makes sense for it to be what it is and where it is. Good work.

Background Music
Nice and catchy it doesn’t get too boring when listening for longer of period of time. It fits the theme of what is going on very well. Nice selection.

Sound Effects
It didn’t notice them that much. But the probably means because nothing stood out to me as out of place.