UMCC boxing mini alpha test


as mentioned in the previous post, this weekend I was working on the umcc boxing minigame stuff. I wont bother types too much stuff. I’ll just post some info fro people testing. please leave feedback.

download after you download it, unzip it, and play the “umcc_area_map.swf” file. in that file you will should be able to click to go to the other test areas.

[ Z ] – attack
attack uses 3 endurance
attacking will looking up high will do extra damage (+1/2 of Maiko’s damage)

[ Z ](repeat) – combo
combo attacking uses 5 end each

[ X ](hold) – guard
guarding normally will prevent half of the damage
guarding will looking down prevents all of the damage.

[ S ] – activate hairpin (passive effects)
Maiko slowly gains life
Opponents slowly looses life
Maiko’s damage is increased by 1/2 of her attack (damage increases are not shown on the debug output)
Maiko restores endurance
Maiko can do 1 damage enemies even while they are guarding.

Ai Types and their purpose:

Balanced – normal Ai, ( think it is currently to defensive imo)

Aggressive – designed to be a challenge but they don’t block as often. They are like bezerkers
aggressive Ai gain 1 attack each time they are hit while not blocking.

Defensive – designed around boxing club fights. Certain boxing club fights will be times and these guys are designed to stall out the time so Maiko will lose by default. They are hard to kill. (there is currently no time limit in the game)
defensive Ai gain 1 life each time they initiate a block.

The number under the Ai defines how quickly the Ai will decide to attack Maiko on a scale from 0 -30.
generally, the higher that number the hard the Ai is to beat,

A lot of things are not in the game yet, I won’t bother listing everything heh.