Site Updates Nov 15

usually after a while of not posting I will make a site updates to go over what has been happening.

UMCH stuff:
still doing the cafe, I think I am on my last parts where basically Kyle and Jay will randomly pop in to distract you more. Maybe if Pattie is with you that never happens. I want some way to turn it off. And since patties doesn’t do much else above normal, that can be her thing. Adjustments to money earned and stuff will come later. I think after the cafe mini will be the hentai part for that and getting same dialogue parts done that Joe and I have been writing in the forums.

ARIA stuff:
That’s right, ARIA stuff lol. Pinoytoons had a quick minute to do a few drawings so I mentioned… actually I will just paste what I mentioned below.
basically in the ARIA game Amp (the dark skin chick) talk about how she leads a resistance group against GemCo.
And get used and abused sexually by the men there, I wanted to basically have a little game about her breaking out.
The game is basically a small point and click adventure puzzle shooter… lol. basically a mix between those game where you need to find on the screen and sometimes combine it make something to use to escape. and with point and click shooting.

There so far is only going to be 8 character images made mostly of Amp, 3 are random GemCo agents. So we’ll see how it goes after I make a few test areas. Maybe i will make it like UMCH where I can just makes a level that you can load in and play. That would be interesting I think.

Still have some stuff on they way. I’d rather record them back to back all at once so I haven’t committed a block of time for it yet.

MMD stuff:
I’ve been working on a motion that uses Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix) music. I plan to also put the motion out there for others to use so hopefully people will use it. But it doesn’t look good with just any model.



Actually doesn’t even look good with Maiko, looks good with Luma and Leyah from my own opinion.
Also was working on redoing Maiko’s hair a bit, mostly the pigtails.

I also wanted to make some ARIA minigames for the arcade high-score thing here. And the hardest difficulty on the cafe so I can see how well people are doing on it. I plan to have company over the weekend so I’m not sure how much I will get done. Any here planning to play dragon age inquisition ? lol.