January 3, 2024

10 thoughts on “Site Updates Nov 15

  1. UMCH
    I’m still thinking about the other students, it’s not random conversation. But why would a side quest be for that person. I’m still thinking boy this isn’t as easy I wonder how you did that test all by your self in UMCC. Must of been a hell of a lot of thinking before writing.

    Now this news came out of nowhere, well I gwt the feeling Amp steals a ship at the end. Maybe Jeo asking the Amp her story. So a flash back starts to happen. Where Amp story starts happening I get what you mean aria stuff since it’s somewhere in a space on a station HQ or something.

    1. UMCH
      yeah it is a lot of thought, that is why there were only like 3 quests lol. The rest was kind of situational. like what they would say when the begin the hentai minigame or in the shower or whatever. in UMCH most of the dialogue will not be random an situational like that it is all contributing to the story.

      Yeah i was deciding if I should have Tempo in there somewhere but I don’t think I will need her. Yeah she will need to steal a ship wont she? lol hmm. Yeah probably at the very end, or maybe she see it at the start but needs to get stuff so she can steal it. security overrides, disable AA gun turrets so she wont get shot down leaving, etc, in addition to getting through doors and areas alive. should be pretty fun.

      finished my Maiko editing for now, the hair is most obvious thing different but a lot of vert editing was done also to make the skin a bit smoother in certain areas, will post a test video later today.

        1. Well why Tempo and Wave are fighting with each other? It must have to do with what is going on. I mean by the sound of it Tempo seem to blame Amp death on Wave. But she isn’t dead. So something happen that made the twins think she is dead. So the effect of Amp getting capture believing she is dead is a result of where Amp is at escaping the station. I wonder the 3 women are they triplets?

          1. Amp would know Tempo and Wave are looking for her, but not know where they are. I don’t think would meet before Amp steals the ship and gtfo of there lol.

  2. Oooo, Luma being naughty. Well, naughtier than usual anyways haha. She is really looking nice, love the cute blush 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback, hopefully we will also the other mmd models using this motions. I’ll probably post it over the weekend.

  3. A guy disappears for months and comes back to find all this. Damn. Your doing really well on your games man. I wasn’t even expecting Aria to be done yet. Now I’m hooked on that like I was UMCC.

    As soon as I get the chance I’ll make a couple posts about the game on reddit if that’s alright with you. I want to make sure you don’t want me to wait or anything.

    But besides that, how have you been man? By the way I still have that sub-reddit I’m waiting for orders on if you want me to continue with it or not.

    1. @fixx420
      I’ve never really been big about trying to spread the word about my stuff. I’d be fine if just only one or two people played it. you can post if you want if it’s not really a big deal. I’m not interested in receiving critique thoguh. It is why I haven’t posted it myself anywhere else. Took some stuff down from Newgrounds because I started to get tired of getting harshly criticized over a hobby. Kind of drains the fun out if it.

      If I can remember my reddit stuff I’ll take a stab and finishing the css headers for reddit over the weekend.

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