January 3, 2024

10 thoughts on “MMD shader testing

  1. I can’t point my fingers with what it is about the shade on these two. The second one is even more odd. Maybe do to the BG not matching the model So it is a tricky to use shade like those to match the lights of the BG.

    1. yeah I’m not sure either, I haven’t given it much thought though. Stuff like this I would not normally even post at all but figured some might be interesting seeing even stuff I wouldn’t normally post and see for themselves the reasons why.

      I need to work on the Maiko model more though I’ll try to add more verts in specific locations to help smooth it out more.

  2. Hmm yeah I’ve gotta agree, I feel like the first one looks good but I just can’t place what seems off about the second. It’s always a fun thing to play with though, I take it having shaders being an option like sun glare would be much more difficult to implement than the glare right?

  3. Nice work, thanks for posting them. The one with Zytra is rather odd indeed, the shadows obscure too much of her pretty face. Other than that I would say the models are ever the smoother and more refined. And you come up with the most interesting background designs haha

    1. Thanks I recently downloaded more backgrounds heh, some are just random, some actually make sense for story elements.
      I think I will change Zytra’s hair eventually, especially in the front. I just haven’t done it yet.

    1. The model used for Zytra is in a category of models that only really look nice where when doing standing up dance stuff. or anything standing. soon as the bend too much to doesn’t bend well at all. Many other mmd models are made that way also. It is why I prefer my edits over the standard stuff. a bit low poly as the sacrifice, but they are able to be on their hands and knees, etc without too much glitching.

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