umichan art sketch updates

so I made more of the sketch. Basically redrawing parts the school outfit movieclip from umcc without doing the painstaking process of making the super thin lines yet.
the pic below is a similar example of how it might look. It would of course not have the super thick black lines but the thin smooth ones. And i would spend more times on the hands.

I would basically leave the hairs the same. and just make color more dynamic. Kind of like zytra’s hair is not just straight black it has some colors in there. I would need to make school, gym, and nude. I think the new “gym” would be basically the boxing outfits. I showed earlier.

#2 is the raw sketch. #1 has the face is much closer to how the completed actual face might look. #3 is the original from umcc. I think the face needs to be a bit wider and i probably would need to change the nose a bit and make the eyes a bit more closed and it would be okay.