UMCH swimming mini test


Today we dive into the pool at Nanako to test out the UMCH swimming minigame as Maiko. I wanted the swimming mini to make a return in UMCH. It is however quite different as it is now in first person, similar to an older swimming flash minigame I made.

to swim down the pool just move the mouse up and down. Please post your times here if you try it out so I can get a idea about what people are getting and adjust the difficulty of times you need to get to beat other students.

these are two of my times playing this without umch2.swf

this is with playing with umch2.swf

Maiko’s hairpin doesn’t do anything here yet. And I’m not sure how I might implement splashing.
Also since i use zooming here the images gets pixelated towards the end. I will need to make it higher quality and scale it down I think.

here is the dl link:

remember to post your best time(s) here please it will help out.

in the umch2.swf also are the buttons for other modules I have finished. or at least mostly finished. you can get a idea about how far along I am with playable content. Other non hentai minigames I plan to do are a new music minigame and probably a magical kitty since it is pretty easy to do.

Also the swim outfit in the pic I don’t plan to use but I will use the goggles. I’ll remake the swim outfits. maybe modeled based on the the old school red ones.

Download v2

I took comments into consideration plus added my own ideas.
the distance was previously 40 frames I increased it to 400 based on suggestions
also based on suggestions, instead of up and down moving forward a frame, it now increases speed that gradually declines over distance traveled.
in the this test Maiko’s swim speed is at lvl 2 out of probably 5.

[ Z ] – kick
maiko can kick off walls when she is near the end of the lap, you need to be at distance 381 or more before hitting 400.
you only have one opportunity per lap to kick off the wall (press z) so don’t F’k it up and do it too early.
(It is actually a bug in the game. I meant for it to be 380 or more but I will change I later I am running short on time currently for other stuff I have scheduled to do today.)

[ Spacebar ] – sets the distance to 380
This is a debug feature that sets the distance to 380 for testing.

[ S ] – Hairpin toggle on/off
Maiko’s hairpin sets her minimum speed to her speed level instead of zero.
when it is off it charges back up to 100. I plans to make it drain slower but it is at least currently implemented.
it found it good to use it to smoothly glide into the wall to time the kick properly.

Distance bar. I added a distance bar be the debug stuff will now be one the screen under normal circumstances.
It focuses attention on it to time the kick properly but that is okay I guess, seeing as how people were mentioning all they saw was white and blue on the screen anyway.

Overall, it is more skill based. if you time all your kicks you will be done quickly.
also previous the swim was running at 21 fps, but umch2 was at 30 fps. that is why the times were so different. I made them both at 30 fps now.

I got 644 as my time. getting all the wall kicks timed correctly, and using the hairpin at times to make sure my speed never dropped to zero.