UMCH pleasure service 1 test


during UMCH cafe minigame you can build up clients by sending your friend to talk to interested customers at certain points in the game. This is the minigame for handling those customers. of course it is a work in progress. and it is a bit complicated to understand at first. But since it involves part of the economy in the game, I wanted it to be a little more involved then just a simple animation. Speaking of animations you can ignore the girl’s legs. I haven’t redrawn them yet.


this will probably be the only hentai minigame I will openly test.
like the previous pleasure service that was a pattern guessing game, this is a number guessing game.

in this test, the difficulty of the guy is random. the more difficult the person, generally, the higher the number will be and potentially the lesser amount of chances you will have to guess it right.

Try num = your current turn.
you don’t know how many tries total you have. the guy will tell you hints after each try the exact number is quoted in ()’s for the test. you can see now many total tries you have and the target number you need to reach by clicking the debug button.

position = how many times you can add to your current total in increments of +0,+1,+3 or +5.
a position of 0/3 mean you have 3 times where you can press nothing, slow, medium or fast to try to sum up to what you think the total number is. pressing any of those buttons after your position is maxed will end the turn.

if you are confused about how this works, just try clicking on nothing, slow, medium, fast a few times. heh.
feel free to ask questions and comment.
as you can see the guys are random. they will probably remain random in the actual game.
I do get a bit of lag from this on my laptop.
there is no cum animations yet.
I will probably make it where some guys will cum early if you are way over like 20+.
I will also add some guys having maybe unsanitary penises so you can use the toy or condom. some friends will require condom anyway.
hairpin is no implemented yet. but it will probably move Maiko’s current total closer to the target value you need to guess. it can up up or down. probably like 1 point per 5 or 10 energy.
it is not in there yet but sometimes Maiko will get girls so you will need a dildo.