wip5 updates

should be able to finish wip 5 today. I got the following thing I was working on working. It took a while because I had to remove all errors it had when importing it onto the umichan 3d scene. it is a big janky because the “follower” can only stand or run, but Maiko can stand, walk and run. Not sure if I want to modify the follow script though because the whole purpose of it is to just have a example of it working that I can come back to look at later.

the script had attacking and magic and all this stuff but I stripped it down to just walking. It still has multiple applications for things I am more comfortable doing though like general following applications.

Maiko’s mini sentinel following Maiko
a Character following Maiko for whatever, reminiscent to umcc.

in ARIA, characters following
ships following the player ship
escort missions, etc.

stuff like that.
There is also a npc pathing script I need to modify where npc walks around randomly until it sees the player. but I will do that later.

I still also wanted to try the idea of making a 3D game similar to umcc. Where Maiko actually doesn’t move at all and the camera is where her head is. I have to think about how to actually do it more though.

Not sure if I should have different scenes or have every area in the same scene. It would be easier to make it all in the same scene though, the question is how laggy is it.

basically what I will do to test is have 3 different areas that are closed of enough to not be able to see one area from within another. have a Maiko standing spot in each area. and have a friend spot where random characters will appear. and initiate dialogue.

not even sure on minigames.

but for now I will finish the umichan 3d wip5 stuff with a quest where a character follows Maiko around for stuff. Will probably be Pattie.