small updates

ttrop is about done with the second umichan deluxe pic. I will borrow one character pic that I plan to use in umcc/ch to make a brief setting before gameplay and roll with it. so three total images, one is animated and the game mechanics might be a little different. I’ll have to think about it a bit.

My plan is that there will be 5 planets with the last planet being the one that Maiko and friends are on so that is the most earth-like planet.

Basically I want to make various things going on in each area. Side quest type stuff and alternate ways to gain resources. Also I plan to make some of the upgrades unlockable from doing this bonus stuff. There were also a few upgrades I left out that I will add back in. but basically there will be a map of stuff to do in each area and accompanying dialogue for some of that stuff. the image below is just a example of kinda what I’m talking about.