ARIA updates and more

Ok so pinoytoons is back in action. He is trying to be done with the current batch of loops by the end of this week. and I have gotten a lot of the voice audio into the game. I must stay it is a thousand times better having the voiced audio sound clips playing during the course of the game. Having Arielle say “reporting for duty” when it is her turn to get her orders. or Bri say she doesn’t like fighting right before the battle. stuff like that. It brings the character to life more. all of the sound clips are not in the game yet. I will add them all later. I still need to get recording of TT giving her analysis of the various planets. I think I’ll try for some audio logs.

umichan stuff has actually no progress lol. I was working on mmd and aria over the weekend. last time i checked ttrop was on vacation with his family members.

mmd I (for the most part) finished the motion I was working on so that video will be soon like probably tomorrow.