Order Complete dialogue thoughts


In the process of making the order complete screen. and I didn’t plan to have text/dialogue on it but it was showing some old text I used, and I was like yeah I actually like a little cheeky line here.

So I was wondering if any had some ideas for stuff Pattie, Jeni, and Leyah would say after Maiko completes the cafe matching minigame.
Also for various times of the day. Day, Evening, Night. I wanted to have 30 for each character, 10 for each time of day. Maybe at least 5 for now. Also might just combine evening and day text.


Pattie: Senpai I don’t think that guy looked at your face even once hehe.
Pattie: It’s easy when I am here senpai.
Pattie: Call me crazy senpai, but I could have sworn I heard Kyle’s Camera snap as we walked to that table.
Pattie: That guy must have been super hungry or something senpai, he barely even looked at us!
Pattie: Lot’s of little piggies left to sever senpai, Oink! Oink!
Jeni: Holy shit. You really know how to turn heads cowtits.
Jeni: Lots of sex hungry people out there Maiko, let’s keep up the pace.
Jeni: Damn I almost had to crack the guys skull open! Do you even realize how many hands I keep off you?
Jeni: Be careful when serving. You almost mashed that guy’s food down with you tits when you leaned over!
Leyah: Nya finally done!
Leyah: Whaaa! Done already!? Leyah-nyan was distracted talking to customers nya!

Pattie: Phew, We are getting lots of order done today senpai
Leyah: Leyah can never get over how this place is still crowded even in the evening nya!

Pattie: Doing pleasure clients tonight senpai?
Pattie: I think that’s it for orders today senpai.
Leyah: Nyaaaa finally done!