Small ARIA test game made in construct 2

been learning how to use construct 2. Mainly because with it one can make all kinda of 2D games and have different export options. Also it handles particles and effects a lot better than flash. Plus I am familiar with the coding logic style since it is very similar to how multimedia fusion is/was. Not sure how multimedia fusion is now since I haven’t checked it out in years.

I had been thinking about making the next big’ish ARIA game with this software tool. In this little first game I made from scratch I was following a basic tutorial on youtube using ARIA assets. I added quite a bit that what was in the tutorial though. Wanted to make something that has a bit of dialogue between actions levels. and sometimes the dialogue will be to decide what planet to go to or some branching path that leads to different hentai scenes etc. Each level and boss fights would be designed for specific for each character. After the basic tutorial stuff I needed to make dialogue system. That took the longest amount of time by far.

want to see what people thought about this. It’s far from anything that should be considered complete. but just the general idea of the particles and gameplay. I’d still have it where you capture the nodes, the big ones. Just didn’t get to that yet. Also I might use character art from ARIO but idk. The cool thing is this should run pretty flawlessly on mobile devices. Though I haven’t added a way to move around on mobile yet. Just go to the link on mobile devices to test it out.

I’ll test different ways to do sex scenes tomorrow.

link to game

move: ARROW KEYS (WASD wont work)
shoot: mouse left click
aim: mouse