working through animation backlog

A while ago I made a post talking about flash being obsolete in 2020. flash is what I have used to make old games such as UMCC, UMCH, ARIA and more.
I looked for more recent articles about this and everything seems to still be headed in that direction.

Also for a while I had been using flash to make the monthly flash mini scenes.
These were basically the patreon monthly voted animation accompanied by a non-canon hentai scene to give the animation some context.

however with the flash issue present, I didn’t want to keep making more stuff in flash.

I have been learning construct 2 and 3 and tyranobuilder, and at this point I am pretty sure I can recreate a lot of the stuff I did in flash in construct 2.
tyranobuilder however is more a VN engine and easy for others to learn, so I decided to use this to not only remake the old mini stuff but to use this for the mini scenes going forward.
it’s important others can learn how to use it so I can divide the workload a bit.

the last few days I have been redoing all the animations done in the new art.

Kind of a big change I wanted to do was, instead of make a whole new game that contains a single mini scene each month. I wanted to have it where If the voted animations(s) fit with the context of existing mini scenes, or fits certain categories, I will simply add the scene or animation to a existing game. I’d imagine some of these “mini” scene games will grow quite large as various scenes are added.

for example, the game Two Scoops, right now only has one animation.
you may not even be able to see it because it’s made with flash.

Umichan: Two Scoops

I plan to have at 3 different animations in there this time around. with a bonus alt animation for a total of 4.
Two scoops will group together all the content about big vs little type stuff.
Characters that are about Kyle’s size or has small penises.

Another game will group all the futa stuff with Remi and possibly other futa characters added later.
Another will be for cafe scenes stuff.
And any more for whatever else.

some stuff might overlap two categories. in that case I’ll have to either decide what category it fits in best. Or i can have them in both game but slightly altered and with different context.

I also wanted to add in some animations from Sentoryu for people that didn’t like playing as Carl. I would either have the same scene or use the same/similar animation(s) but with different context this time around.

Possibly also have some from the rookie used in a similar way as bonus context.

New stuff for UMAA and other projects are still being made. What I am talking about here is a plan for publishing a big stash of animations that haven’t been placed into any game yet because of the flash issue.

below is a sample of animations planned for two scoops.

again that game will focus on skinny/smaller frame characters like Kyle and tobi and characters with small penises. Some characters have both.
I don’t plan to have a character like Tom here that has a huge body with a massive penis.

The maiko animation here is a alternate version of the Jeni animation using parts from other animations. I plan to explore that further moving forward.