The rabbit hole… (fixing bugs pt.2)

So it’s turns out doing animations in tyranobuilder in javascript created a pretty deep rabbit hole I found myself in. On top of not playing animations the same way on every computer, it also created a memory leak that would cause the animations to scroll sideways at some point and eventually stop. This was not anything to do with my code, but a problem with a actual javascript core function “requestAnimationFrame”.

In a nutshell, all the work and research I put into doing javascript based animations was for nothing. I did find out how to do 30 fps gifs however. So went back to gifs. I have been working on that for about 2 weeks. it why there have not been any posts this month yet. However I am finally done making all those changes now. I will be posting web version of the newest rookie and sentoryu updates for testing and distribute if there are no issues. hopefully that will be the last version of these games. Although I did want to eventually comeback and add in voice acting.


  • animation side scrolling issues fixed.
  • “click to continue” text replaced by a icon.
  • handjob/rubbing sounds effects were added and updated where applicable.
  • blowjob sound effects added where applicable.
  • new cumshot sound effects added where applicable.