September 5, 2023

23 thoughts on “The Rookie and UMCH story survey

  1. Are we getting any new content by the end of the month? Feels like you’ve been working and fixing sentoryu and the rookie for a while now

    1. Trust me I feel that more than anyone. It’s not by choice, it’s actually nightmare. I will have Umichan Sorani and the Yui game started before the month is done. Will be working on that over the holiday and will see how far I get.

  2. I answered the questions before look at the canon responses so I could be as honest as possible.

    It were pretty diferent, but I like most of the Canon lines.
    The only ones I didnt like that much is that Maiko didnt have sex with Tom and Tsugo didnt have both (But this one i only choose because im a fan ir threesomes hahaha)

    I like to think Maiko as someone who doesnt see sex as a big deal, like she aint looking for It, but If she has to do It to get what she needs or help someone, she would whore herself out with no problems.

    Maybe it’s Just me, but I see her as some kind of “Inocent Whore”, u know?

    Dont know if Im making any sense here, Ill try to explain myself better if u not get me xD

    1. Yeah I understand. The canonical Maiko wont typically have sex to get what she needs. Maybe to help someone in need such as Savori. but even then she is usually tricked into it by character such as Kyle. It’s why why in the UMCH she sets out to prove she is more that just her boobs. But also people see Maiko in different ways, It is why I waned to have a fan selected canon story.

  3. Oh man I thought at least Luma handled the line of horny clients seeing as how she deserve it for treating Maiko harshly. I understand the rest of the canon, but…yea i guess itll be too good to be true for so many guys to get such a hottie like Luma.

  4. Damn, i failed most of the canon (really happy i was correct with Riley tho). But the worst was Tsugo since i really wanted him to be with joey. But maybe it’s because i have a preference for Zytra and don’t like Tsugo very much

  5. Well my prediction was somewhat off but now we have a canon line. I approve of Rookie and Riley being BF and GF considering am a sucker for childhood friends. I played the games and I really enjoyed them so keep up the good work along with everyone who helps you.

  6. I voted for all the choices that make Maiko have sex with the most people possible. Maiko is my favorite girl and it’s always annoyed me that she just flat out doesn’t enjoy sex with anyone. It’s always her reluctantly doing it, but that in itself pretty much makes her a slut, which I like. Lets face it, all the girls in this are sluts, some just show it more than others and that’s fine. Hopefully in the future you can give Maiko some lust or something to make her like the sex she seems to want. It would make everything with her much hotter and fap worthy. Give her some sex friends she actually likes having sex with, give her some big dicks she wants to take in, something, anything. As for Greel being Maikos BF, that is disappointing since the guy is barely in anything. Maiko has more sex with other guys than him, so how that equates to BF is strange. He’s more like an occasional sex friend among many. Seems better to just have Maiko sleep around than have a BF. Anyways, I know I’m probably alone on this but that’s how I feel, thanks for listening.

    1. I voted the exact same way. The more dudes Maiko’s pounding, the better! I don’t think “typical slut” is overdone; I think it’s not common enough. Most games are non-consensual, so a consensual game like this should have at least the option for as many people as possible to get in there with Maiko!

  7. I really wanted the Rookie to end up in a harem with Luma and Riley (if that’s not possible then just Luma) just because she deserves better than Joiry. She was sweet in The Rookie.
    I also failed at a lot of the canons haha. I guess I just like Maiko having sex with people that she knows.

  8. I would like to start by saying I don’t consider the Rookie as the one doing the romancing in his game. I see it more as myself romancing Lynn because I absolutely adore her (even though I have no penis). Since it was established that the Rookie was childhood friends with Riley, I could accept their relationship as canon.
    Second, the only outcome I ever considered for the Savor the Moment questline was reporting Albert and having Kyle help Savori heal by being in a relationship. He seems to have genuine feelings for her other than his horny bastard mode, so I thought that outcome worked out best for all involved. Yeah, Kyle wouldn’t be able to take as many nude pics of the girls on campus, but his visits to the pool are more welcome by Savori since they can have a bit of fun in the locker room after.
    Third, David’s a dick and doesn’t deserve any sexy times with his attitude (which, now that I think about it, reminds me a lot of my asshole brother), but I probably accepted the blowjob thing for gameplay purposes. Joiry is similar and thus got no sex. His minigame somewhat cemented the thought of him being little more than a wall of meat looking for sex. Plus he’s in something resembling a committed relationship, and Maiko’s a good girl who doesn’t fuck with shit like that.
    Fourth, the canon for the horny clients is that no one took care of them? I would’ve thought for sure Holly would have. Was there even an option for no one to satisfy them? It’s been a while.
    Fifth, with Tsugo I really did like the threesome option, but since Joey really only wanted him when he didn’t want her I wasn’t satisfied with those two being together. In the simpler times of UMCC when Zytra was seemingly unconnected to their storyline, I would’ve been more satisfied with them as a couple. Because of how things turned out and how Zytra can possibly develop genuine feelings for Tsugo, I can agree with this decision for canon.
    Sixth, you already know how I feel about Greel. Damn sexy bastard. :3
    And finally the teacher. Considering the fact that Alma is sort of dating him, and we know what her relationship to Maiko is, going through with that deal is pretty weird. It wasn’t weird in UMCC (sort of felt required, maybe?) since the teachers weren’t fully fleshed out and his only personality trait seemed to be a big dick. Now he’s the teacher that everyone likes and is really cool and the idea of him propositioning a student is kinda creepy. (Says the girl who loves reading Reylo fics with plenty of Student/Teacher relationships.)
    Is that everything? I think that’s everything. Oh yeah! What about the questline with David where essentially shows up to beat you up and fuck you just because he’s horny? What’s the canon outcome for that?

  9. I’m pretty sure I learned about this place sometime after this poll started, and I never really figured out how to vote in it. (And didn’t really stress over it to begin with once I learned you planned to make it possible to choose what happened.) So I didn’t make a vote. Oh well, I share my thoughts anyways just for fun.

    Glad to see Maiko doesn’t canonically indulge that motherfucking (literally) rapist.

    I think I tried the thing with Albert once. Since it didn’t work as planned, I’m inclined to avoid it most playthroughs. Apparently it’s the default option though…

    I let Holly handle the line… but I don’t remember “None” being an option? I’m not inclined to force that on Luma. She was kinda a jerk, sure, but she doesn’t deserve that. Not that it was really an option to begin with considering…

    … I had Maiko have sex with Joiry. I kinda like to see Maiko as someone who sees sex as a guilty pleasure. (She considers it wrong on some level, and doesn’t want to just to be seen as a pair of boobs, but she’s a bigger slut than she’d care to admit.) As such, I see it as not just spite against Luma, but as her actually finding the idea somewhat appealing. I can respect that’s probably not what you were going for, though.

    Yay Greel. Best girl deserves best guy.

    Glad to see Zytra gets a happy ending. Plus it’s probably better for Tsugo to, since Zytra is willing to put some real effort to making sure they’re both happy. Joey’s a selfish bitch. (Though I admit the outcome if you pick “both” is hilarious.)

    I don’t like the idea of Maiko getting “help” either. In addition to how I consider a teacher-student affair to be creepy, Maiko is more than smart enough to pass the test on her own abilities.

    Rookie makes the team. Can’t imagine anyone wanting a timeline where he doesn’t.

    No question Riley’s the best girl for the Rook. Luma has a boyfriend already, and while I did warm up to her by the end of Classroom Havoc, I still think she needs a lot of improvement before I can find her appealing. (Among other things, I see her as a bit of a hypocrite for talking down to Maiko about her body, while openly and proudly flaunting her own assets.) Lynn’s cool, but she falls short of Riley. (Also, I kinda like the idea of her proving she doesn’t need a man watching her, seeing as how much she dislikes Cain breathing down her neck.)

    Rookie didn’t see Maiko in my continuity. I don’t wanna pass up a chance for him and Riley to have a moment together.

  10. Oh man. I wanted the Rookie to be with Lynn in a relationship to be canon. At least he ended up with Riley instead of Luma.

    1. Don’t worry too much. These are just the “default” options for if you either didn’t play UMCH and The Rookie, or just don’t feel like implementing your choices. As stated in the description above, you can choose what happened in your version of events, so if RookieXLynn is your thing, you can do it.

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