The Rookie and UMCH story survey

I have begun trying to work on UMAA again now that I am done with fixing issues with Rookie and Sentoryu for now.

Certain dialogue and events from UMAA will be based on things that happen in UMCH and The Rookie. I think at the start of the game I will ask players what certain decisions they made during the games.

But I also wanted to have a canon story that can be selected if a person didn’t play those games, or decides to skip this part, and a option that is based on player votes~

So I created a survey for it

below are questions asked and I reveal the canon responses. It’s not set in stone yet. just my current thoughts on the canon story events.

Did Maiko get secret boxing training from David or Jeni?
Maiko agreed to give David a blowjob for training.
Maiko refused David and got training from Jeni later. (canon)

Did Maiko go with Kyle’s advice and try to become Albert’s primary interest to help Savori?
No, Maiko reported him immediately
Yes, Maiko tried sexual simulation but no oral or vaginal penetration. (canon)

Who handled the line of horny clients at the Cafe?
None (canon)

Did Maiko have sex with Joiry during a boxing session? (Luma’s boyfriend)
No (canon)

What guy did Maiko take home in UMCH?
David (David is Maiko’s fuck buddy)
Greel (Greel is basically Maiko’s boyfriend) (canon)
Both (Both David and Greel description are true)

Who did Tsugo end up with in UMCH?
Zytra (canon)

Did Maiko get Toms help with the test in UMCH?
No (canon)

The Rookie
Did the Rookie make the Team?
Yes (canon)

Who did the Rookie have a relationship with?
None, he didn’t try to have sex with anyone.
None, because he tried to have sex with everyone possible
Riley (canon)

Did the Rookie see Maiko (with Kyle) when trying to find the sentinel ?
Yes (canon)