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Site Updates

more UMCH updates

done with the intro to the main quest. There are smaller sub dialogue scenes that I need to make. But for now…

UMCH updates

I have just finished the first part of the main quest into scene (the first part of the first part). I needed…

Project Updates

Decided to make a post about all the various things going on the past month that people may or may not realize….

Writing and research

Just wanted to post some progress. I normally try to get updates out within the first complete week but I didn’t make…

small updates

Patreon: Will kick off the nominations for voting soon. updates to the distribution area will happen this this weekend hopefully starting today….

small updates for UMCH stuff

Just a small update. starting yesterday I have been working on UMCH stuff. I wanted to updated the art for Umichan Wild…


SVP: For those interested in SPV Girls I and trying to get SVP tank tops out to the girls in the videos….

ARIA: The Rookie VN coming soon

Just finished up a quick VN that I am calling ARIA: The Rookie. it just uses mostly recycled art. some of the…

no image

UMCH Updates possible spoilers

going to start adding some of the story stuff in UMCH. I still have a lot of animations to finish heh. But…


Not too much to post since I have been mostly just grinding away at code. ttrop has been steady making art and…

ARIA and Umichan Updates

ARIA stuff: Alukard seems to be wrapping up some ARIA animation edits here is the run down, Remi how has shared animations…

MMD: Live It Up

made this a few days ago I think but never got around to a post. mirror:

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