Joiry’s Bizarre Adventure

New small fun VN game by Game by wilsonthegreen!

Agent Trainer Agents Art update

Art updates for Agent girls. I know a number of the them need some eyelash adjustments to more closely match their older…

Jeni game updates

Earlier I showed various animation wip of the following animation previews below. These will be used in a game that follows Jeni’s…

UMCH updates B

The game feels pretty solid, pretty complete atm. In addition to the UMCH update stuff added here: the next version will…

Livestream: Sentinel modeling

watch z3r0theblade model a sentinel for upcoming 3D games.

small UMCH updates

based on some ideas I think I will make the photo guys give hints to secrets around the game when you deliver…

UMCH updates

The next UMCH version will in addition to other stuff, have the stuff below also. Added the rest of the tutorials needed….

UMCH updates

UMCH is about done I just need to make tutorials and have ways to review certain animations. Hopefully I can take the…

Maiko x Zytra animation wip

The winning animation nominated and voted for on my patreon. Will be used in a small flash later.

Phia x Ace animation wip

made for the swimming game later.

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