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small updates

I still have few posts to make that I will make soon. -next UMCH version -ARIA update analysis -Jeni game description -Arielle…

Jeni x Shota animation wip

This won the previous patreon voting.

Agent Trainer Ripped Clothes

picking up from this post: Agent Trainer Agents Art update these are images of the basic school uniform for some of the…

MMD: Maiko Blowjob

motion by isurugi_hajime

Swimming minigame test 2 – Feedback Requested

A while back I made a small test for a swimming game. Swimming minigame test – Feedback Requested I have made a…

MMD: Secret Arcade Sex

  Wanted to try stringing together some of the mmd sex motions I made/use into one video. Had this idea in my…

MMD: Can’t Remember To Forget You

motion by sangabc I did minor edits to it   bonus (no sound) motion by ademar440

Workflow Explanation

wanted to make a post that kinda explains my workflow. Basically I a have big thing I work on. and while that…

Joiry’s Bizarre Adventure

New small fun VN game by Game by wilsonthegreen!

Agent Trainer Agents Art update

Art updates for Agent girls. I know a number of the them need some eyelash adjustments to more closely match their older…

Jeni game updates

Earlier I showed various animation wip of the following animation previews below. These will be used in a game that follows Jeni’s…

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