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SVP Spaghetti Tank top pics and video

was trying out some svp shirts.. hue hue. more: http://spiralvortexplay.com/svp/category/sexy-2/svpgirls/

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first 2015 small updates post

So just wanted to mention things I am currently working on currently. site related: currently I am working on trying to make…

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Site updates December 2014

This is probably the last “site update” before the new year. I will still post plenty of other stuff though. And this…

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Site Updates

Umichan stuff going to hopefully be working on UMCH over the weekend providing nothing urgent comes up that would prevent me from…

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Site Updates Nov 15

usually after a while of not posting I will make a site updates to go over what has been happening. UMCH stuff:…

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Site updates September 29 2014

I should be done with the aria no sound early version. that will be on patreon before the month is over. So…

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Updates: February 11 2014

Site updates: Eriot made some art of Riley and Bri Thanks! I will make a effort to have it colored this week….

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Back to business

As I mentioned recent in the text area in one of my recent MMD videos. I am going to put MMD in…

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Updates: January 21 2014

Site Related I want to start of by mentioning the most recent thing from my memory in relation to this site. Which…

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Updates: December 31 2013

I recorded all the video stuff of me talking about all kinds of stuff. I’ll be uploading it all on the first…

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Updates: December 20 2013

Well I think for the first time in a while the site is in a viewable working condition that is not too…

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Site News: November 28, 2013

Finally  a site update and not just re-posting stuff. Still in the process of getting thing showing up on here from the…

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