January 4, 2024

17 thoughts on “Umiya Maiko Images

  1. updating the UMCC Maiko poster picture. Will probably use for the title also. took all afternoon just redoing the lines lol. And I’m still missing a few details that I will add after I’m done recoloring initially.

  2. I see you updated the school uniform for Maiko Poster. It might be better than the old pose of her old poster.

  3. it should be better, It’ll have a few more details.. It takes forever to color. All evening and night just coloring hair shadows -_-

  4. Now that BG works much better for that pose. The Maiko pose have better detail color that the old one.

    Congrats is this going to be the title screen of UMCC?

  5. I think I’ll go with this updated look. I might make a few more smaller changes, but it will overall look like this. tired to make the same facial expression. I’ll make some example expressions later also.

  6. final
    need to update all the hair for the other characters. and do the guy faces.
    and the profile face.

    not sure if I’m going to do the angled poses for background characters.
    not sure what to do with guitar mini.

      1. it used to be in first person. you like the third person better? I can redraw it with the other stuff I don’t see how I can draw it any worse.

        1. Nah, I just wanted the better way for the game, but keeping it how it is right now. I dont care about the art, i just want the gameplay to still be the same.

          1. I enjoy the animation in third person view more. Now the original way that was in first person is nice also. You see in Maiko’s eyes looking at the fans that are cheering. However you spend most of the time looking down at her guitar than the actual fans.

  7. Looks nice can’t find the difference from the top of other post you show.

    It looks nice, It’s better than way do to if you look at the left side. In the middle it looks like she is flat bust. But on the right it looks more 3D shape collectively.

    1. The main difference is the collar bone is less defined here.
      Yeah I gave her a bit of a breast lift since I was changing stuff heh. Going to go with my original idea that Maiko and Luma have the biggest bewbies, The other girls will remain as they are. I might do the thing with Lynn thoguh. Idk still thinking about that. Maybe for later. I liked the idea of the cream she got from Tasha thoguh also.

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