Learming MMD 2: Galaxias

I will post the videos I make as I teach myself how to use MMD as I go along.

Here I wanted to use a background stage instead of a image. I also tweaked the camera motion to have a lot more close ups on the character.

in the video I also figured how to use the effects panel to removed parts of the model, things like jewelry and hair bows are removed. A few effects were used like Diffusion 7 and True camera for a bit of the motion blur and the camera swirls around.

Swimsuit is still edited from what I learned before.

MMD info/credits:
MMD Model data “Hong Meiling Ver.1.21(Swimsuit)” – Vortex00 Edit
MikuMikuDance Model created by Arlvit.
Copyright ZUN. (Touhou Project)

Camera – Vortex00 Edit (can provide upon request)
Original Camera – (Vortex00 Edit)

[ Pool environment ]
Ripped ~ by fullm8n –

Diffusion 7
True Camera