Learming MMD 3: Bikini Dance

I will post the videos I make as I teach myself how to use MMD as I go along.

Played around with more effects here. And effect called Plastic to make the body shinny.

In this video I also edited the motion data where she holds her breasts during the break. The default has her hands on top floating above, where as mines is under the breasts and fits the size of breast more closely.

Nothing else really special note note here. Just a perverted MMD video lol. and I just applied what I had learned earlier. By that I applied plastic effect to only the skin parts.

MMD info/credits:
MMD Model data “Hong Meiling Ver.1.21(Swimsuit)” – Vortex00 Edit
MikuMikuDance Model created by Arlvit.
Copyright ZUN. (Touhou Project)

created by ~ amiamy111

Cam / Motion / Wave: Bikini Dance
(PASS = tail)
Motion and Cam – Vortex00 edit (available upon request)

Diffusion 7
True Camera