September 17, 2023

4 thoughts on “Useful Game Templates for making Flash games

  1. How these are not bad source codes to start by.

    The Throwing engine can be use to make RTS games.
    Side Scroller shooting engine can be use to make a good action game or mod into a hack N’Slash.
    And the Grid editor can be use for a RTS or RPG type of game.

    I forgot about Playshapes he did release source code of his flash. Letting any users do whatever they want with it.

    Nice find of source codes.

  2. I’ve been looking at ways to use some of this in ARIA.
    I think the throwing one can be a Bri mini game to hit ships with asteroids or space debris with her khalei during ship to ship combat.

    Shooting one and tile both can be for boarding enemy ships or space stations.

  3. The shooting one can be really fun if made right, like defending the ship from invasions and invading other enemies ships, missions like that. Protect an important piece of tech and steal from others and upgrade your arsenal or ship, they could even update their mech suits!

  4. @jccq89
    Hmm if I have a ship defense, I would probably just have the girls fighting off actual boarding ships. Or sentinels.

    I think making some AI humanoid units that are actually good would be a bit difficult for me on this.

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