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MMD water and sweat effects tutorial

This was a requested tutorial. It is not useful if you don’t make MMD videos there is nothing special going on here…

MMD: High Poly Tutorial

how to make low poly models into high poly models in pmx editor for use in MMD. Link: https://bowlroll.net/file/73529

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MMD Tutorial: UV Map editing

This is intended for folks who edit model for use in MMD. It is intermediate level tutorial. Everything should be covered in…

How to download, unzip, and play swf files.

  please see here for additional help: http://www.dlsite.com/eng/guide/tool http://www.dlsite.com/eng/faq/down#d_q1

MMD Tutorial: How to make a game in unity3D with MMD

  I just got a small playable application working in unity 3d with mmd models thanks to a point in the right…

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MMD Tutorial: Leg Physics

Going to go over how to do leg physics since I don’t see a tutorial for it anywhere. I figured out at…

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mmd cum model test 2

progress has been made. the videos basically shows the progress. after the third one, all the others are the same at different…

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mmd cum model test 1

Continuing with my experiments/testing in mmd hentai stuff. previous entries: MMD Boob Physics Study MMD: Classroom Hentai I was trying to figure…

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MMD Boob Physics Study

Hey you know what’s better than one Maiko? just kidding. I got home late today and instead of working on ARIA, I…

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UMCC: How to get sweaty boob photo

  Quick video. How to get sweaty boob photo in UMCC. It is a bit of a bug but make sure the…

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Useful Game Templates for making Flash games

There are a number of sites that offer free WIP templates that you can modify to construct your own games. The most…

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