January 2, 2024

44 thoughts on “Umichan script and senario ideas

  1. Wow a page all about concept ideas to throw around all right I’l give it a shot! 😉

    Umichan: Club Gekki
    I just think this can have humor in it, I mean Tasha and Leeina are the main trying to get the goal for the money to college. With mini games I see like the NES Game The 3 Stooges.


    Leeina is thinking of a plan how to get funds before college starts.
    Since Leeina doesn’t drew attention (shy?), it’s her sister Tasha that have the idea. There both talking about what to do.

    Leeina: Well we just got fired. Better try to find a job fast.

    Tasha: Wow very impressive speech to the professor about doing some shit on our own steam Captain Brainiac! Only one problem.

    Leeina: What do you mean sis?


    Leeina: Says the girl that was showing off her ego. Telling everyone being depending on someone helping is for pussy. In front of the other make students.

    Tasha: What did you say? Do you have a problem? Wanna fight… eh?

    Leeina: No… we need to think of a plan. Maybe going to the unemployment department.

    Tasha: Na we can do this shit…. !!!! (Looks and point the Club Gekki)

    Tasha: !!! We can work at this club! It’s easy money, will get the money quicker than anywhere else!

    Leeina: What? But…!

    Tasha: Come on! WTF! Dat ass have to be worth some greens.

    Leeina: ….what? Please… Anyway I don’t know how to dance.

    Tasha: Than twerk, you got the ass for it!

    Tasha Will get the money in no time. Hell will even surpass getting the money funds.. A Stretch GOAL!!!!

    Leeina: We have to be very good at seducing men in dropping the cash. Don’t you think where over thinking are chances of reaching are goal in a Club?

    Tasha goes grabs Leeina dragging her walking into the club laugh.

    Tasha: Na we can do this shit…. !!!!

    I’It can have a lot of humor. 🙂

    1. This is good stuff thanks.

      I was thinking that before this they actually tried to sell their odd inventions to random people. They have a bunch of wacky little gizmos and their chemical concoctions. They had some female enhancement cream they sold to Lynn. It temporary makes a certain body part grow larger it is applied to. works on guys also… lol?

      The throwing pie minigame in the video is pretty cool. I can’t understand the one where the guy is being punched by the giant glove and the timer at the top half of the screen, and the bottom half of the screen is some platform minigame. The hospital minigame was interesting too. Seems just like like a classic avoidance minigame you would would normally see in some type of car game bu with the stretch bed things.

      It actually got me thinking about possibly in UMCC or some future game the racing component of the game can be overhead view, or top down view. My mind is usually just stuck on profile view. I look into it for the swimming part. I think the running part is okay with the running animations from the photograph minigame.

      1. That would be funny Lynn thinks the cream made her boobs be large permanently. She finally sees these two sisters and confronts them about the product they sold her. She talks about the side effect what she calls it. The sisters check her breast.

        Leeina: OK first let me say the cream is temp it doesn’t last forever. The cream have nothing to do with this. What you have here is natural breast.

        Lynn: WHAT?!!!

        As for mini well there can be a wet T-shirt contest or something. A champagne room mini, a bartender mini. The thing is the video I show is how the 3 go doing there mini for money in random out there asses.

        The 2 sisters are looking at a chart as there trying to get there money they need. Also the random of what the event is. LOL

        1. Hm the idea of a wet T-shirt contest has come up a few times even in UMCC, but I could never figure out how to do it where it is a actual playable minigame.

          1. The boxing what is going on is the fat guy usually hears music in order to kick the boxers asses. However it broke, so in the bottom screen you are racing to get a new one and run back. Before the fat guy losses to the boxer. The glove with the big punch. Back than the graphics where not there to do actual situation what is going on in the NES era. Well Ninja Gaiden Trilogy tried by having cut scene storyline in the beginning of the stage and the end of each stage. Anyway back on topic the game mini you see of boxing is a race to rush before your partner gets KO’d.

  2. What the hell let me throw some JLCK text who knows it might interest you.

    Gheist learns how to use her powers but the professor tells her that her energy is low. He believes Gheist have rejected combining with a Cia. And cast it away from her with the rest of the other Cia that try to combine with Gheist.

    Dr. Light: Your fears have cause you to reject and cast Cia’s away from you. But you gain a ability to gather energy and turn it into crystals.

    Gheist: What do you mean?

    Dr. Light: You are able to create crystal shards far more powerful than any other scientist can ever dream of. I’m talking jewels, hairpins, suits etc more powerful than they already are.

    Why would GemCo want to kill me?

    Dr Light mind: I bet Phil must of told the board of directors of GemCo the same thing Damn it they won’t stop until they capture here….

    Dr. Light: They don’t want to kill you, they would lose the science of what they want if you die. However if you get strong enough, they will be no match for you. But you’ll have to gain your powers.

    Dr. Light Lucky for you, you have the power to create crystal by observing energy. So you can create whatever power you like. In other words you can become as strong as you want to be. But it will take time. For you to master such a feet.

    Gheist: What should I do?

    Dr. Light: Collect energy however it is to dangerous to do it out here in the open field. Since GemCo is looking for you. They’ll have every agent, sentinel in there might searching for you.

    Dr. Light: You should go to White World to gain the energy. A Place that GemCo can’t even go to create such powers for you.

    Annie: Only one problem Doc… I already try to time travel where she was I couldn’t.

    Dr. Light: You can travel the Cia blocks suck warn holes from taking place. Do to a Cia’s energy flow it causes a magnetic shock effect at the warm hole. Gheist doesn’t have a Cia combine in her. But she still have the same magnetic effect of a Cia.

    Annie: So she is a Cia?

    Dr. Light: No but she can contact and talk to Cia. Tell me Gheist did you had a sream like someone was talking to you?

    Gheist: Yes she told me that times will be hard but that what she did. I’ll would understand when the time comes. I seen a woman standing… flying up in the sky glowing and there was other women around her.

    Dr Light: Did they look like this? *The professor shows Gheist a picture of a Cia.*

    Gheist: Those are the women I seen in my dream!

    Dr. Light: I see so the myth are true about a very old ancient tale… *Dr LIght mind: It might be she was chosen by fate. By a very powerful divine not of my knowledge*

    Annie: The Divine Goddess?! Wow Gheist you meet the divine goddess. 🙂

    Annie: I never seen here, she doesn’t visit or talk to anyone. Even my dad told me she never speaks to him. But is able to give him order. My dad told me even he never seen her.

    Annie gives Gheist a pen and paper.

    Ghiest: What is this for?

    Annie: Can you drew how she looks like? 🙂

    Gheist: I don’t know how to drew…

    Annie: 🙁

    Dr. Light: Anyways!!! There won’t be any problems.

    The professor gives Gheist a device.

    Gheist: What is this?

    Dr. Light: It will help you focus your energy and also able to travel in the White world of many people’s mind. You can travel from ind to mind without GemCo noticing you. In the white world you should be able to gain more experience with your powers.

    Gheist: Thanks Doc!

    Dr. Light: But please come back here from time to time even bring some crystal you created in the white world. I might be able to make better technology with them.

    Gheist: All right I will.

    Dr. Light somewhere in the white would there should be a magical creature that might help you gain your powers in a faster right.

    Annie: COOL! You get to travel where I’m from. I’ll be coming with you. I NEVER BEEN TO THE OTHER REALMS THAT MY DAD SPEAK OF! 🙂 *She looks at Tasha*

    Tasha: Stay the fuck away from my head!…….

    Annie: 🙁

    Anyways later in Gheist adventure she finds out that the creature that can help here upgrade her powers. Is none other than The Magical Kitty.

    Only one problem The Magical Kitty is able to travel to other people dream. So Gheist must find the possibility that the magical Kitty would be in such a persons mind. It’s ether Leyah or Dizzy heads.

    1. seems a bit odd but I can work with it thanks. Not sure on Gheist not being cia. I didn’t really understand how you explained it. Maybe this is after Gheist helps Donavik split from the Semitix.

      1. Just throwing ideas you can always change the text. About the Gheist not being a Cia. Was trying to make it look like The Doc knows is a expert in the energy around him. From Cia, to nature to magic he understands the energy reading. Gheist however have a totally different flow of energy not seen ever by him. A Cia have that same energy of the picture you made. Gheist does not have the same energy the Doc is use to seen.

        Dr. Light: When I said your not a Cia, is do to you not having the same energy rating as your friend Charity gives out Light matter which some call nature energy. You don’t have the same energy rating as Donavik which was dark matter.

        Dr. Light: Your energy is out of this world in which I have never even seen. Would like to run some few more test on you if you don’t mind.

        You know that picture you have of Gheist being naked covering up her breast? Well that is that event. But she is to shy to do that in front of boys. So the Doctor ask the sisters to do the exam for him he’ll look at the data later.

        Tasha talks to Gheist about tits. LOL

  3. I want to add this here for a possible wet t-shirt mini can be something like this.

    I didn’t even know xhamster had flash games lol wtf.
    anyways if in umichan, you play as Maiko and avoid the water as mush as possible. Or it could be like my quick pic games and you play as maiko and have to snap a photo of the wet shirt accurately a number of times before the girl leave out of view.

    quick pic Maiko:

      1. the first two are not that great but the bartending one was pretty neat. I will try to make a template of something similar thanks.

  4. Some ideas for Angry Girls Vids on the UMCC game

    One idea i have is using them to teach some aspects of the game but in a humorous way, so people can now what to do, like a little funny tutorial of the main things presented on the beginning but without spoiling the fun stuff.
    They can explain how the exercising minis work, making they boxe each other, swimming and jogging.
    When you explain on how you can sneak on the locker rooms, they would be using towels and would punch the screen saying fuck off.
    You can make cream taking pictures of butterflies and asking peach to press her boobs to arouse some random dude, lol.
    Sentinel battles, you had one video with one sentinel, after taking a beat, he comes for revenge and they use other sentinels to fight back.
    They can play instruments and when peach misses, she curses the player for not pressing the space bar at the right time.
    Having a trip at the mall, and visiting Jeni’s mom shop, they listen some weird sounds from the door at the back, J’ Mom asks if they came to work, cream blushes thinking about peach working there (2 Oral, lol), but peach is oblivious of what is really happening and accepts because she needs some money, we only see J’ Mom and cream, while we hear (Hey sweetie, nice tits, now show them), and then we hear the dude screaming in pain as Peach beat the crap out of him and goes out pissed.
    Stuff like that can be funny, but i dont know how hard they can be to be made… I will think on some more later.

    1. I’ll try to make some of these and see how they turn out. Additionally, I realize I can have them already made, and then just pay for on month to export them all at once.

  5. @Vortex00 @justjoe2k

    Idea for a MMD clip:

    Kyle convinces the girls to make a “exotic” dancing clip

    All he did was look for Roise and talk her into it saying it would be a collaboration between the publishing club and the dance club. She could demonstrate all her skill in dancing and choreography, it was a chance to show how talented she is at it and she could use moves made by herself.
    But, he trade for using his skills with cameras and such was that she needed to gather more girls for it and to agree to use any clothing he brought the day they would film. She said “Ok, you have a deal, I will gather the girls, but you won’t fool me in dancing naked, you hear? The moment you appear with any crazy “invisible clothing” we will beat you, you hear your pervert?”
    He said: “Oh Roise, you won’t have to worry about this, you and the girls won’t be naked at all, its just a exotic clothing dancing, really famous on other places… *whispers” strippers…
    She talked to the girls and they decided to go for his idea for once, but agreeing to not to be naked.
    The day of the filming, they were ready to dance, Kyle adjusted the camera on its place and handed a bag to the girls:
    Here, this is all you will need to dance.
    The girls looked inside and said:
    No way pervert! These are just panties and tassels. You said we wont be naked!
    Kyle: But you arent, you wont show more than you would with bikinis, am i not right? I thought we had a deal and you wanted to show how good you are at dancing… I guess I was wrong to believe in your potential then… *Mocking Smile*
    The girls look each other after being challenged by that pervert, the wouldnt lose to him like that.
    Roise: Ok, we will do it, we will rock you with our dancing, the clothing is nothing to worry about, all we need is our moves.
    Kyle: Yep, here it is. There is a special glue in the bag, so the tassels won’t come out while you dance.
    They took the bag and went to the locker room to change.
    Kyle talking to himself: Well, this will be awesome! I didnt believe they would fall for that! That glue wont hold for longer, hehehe.
    They come out the locker and he begins to record.
    Kyle: Ok ladies! Show me what you got! And dont stop dancing no matter what!
    Roise: Lets show him girls!


    Clip starts.
    Kyle is happy and time to time he interacting with the viewer a little, doing stuff like this to the camera:

    Then each tassel fall, at different times (using the tech you demonstrated on the bikini video), the girls keep dancing not noticing it at all and Kyle goes all on his head, “ohhhhhhhhhh shit! I can’t let this chance slip away. The plan worked!”:

    In the end the girls realize they were dancing topless half of the time and go for kyle to erase the video


    Girls: We knew it! It was all a plan!
    Kyle: No, nonono. You got it wrong. It just happened, but dont let it get to you. You were amazing! Your dancing was so good it doesnt matter at all!
    Girls: Erase it Kyle, NOW! *Angry*
    Kyle: Look! A special agent with purple hair and using leather! Arent him…? *tries to run*
    Girls: We wont fall for that, come here!
    He tries to run, but Maiko catches him and he ends beaten up with a broken camera with the girls going out to the locker room to change.
    Roise to herself: Well, that was sexy after all, i didnt note at first, but i felt free dancing like that. Maybe dancing naked isnt that bad? I will train this a little more alone, away from that pervert… Or did i like to be looked at? *look at the broken camera and Kyle dizzy at the floor*

    That can be a lot of work, mostly of the script wont be on the video, but its just to give some insight on what is going on and how it ended like that, like the written story about it. The MMD video would be the recovered footage Kyle saved after working on his camera and is watching safe at home. So only part of this would be in video and there wouldnt be any talking, just the “——————” would be in the video.
    Some stuff can change to be the way vortex feels like to fit the characters. But I did a little joke for the future there, and thought as a dancer, Roise would like to explore another areas of her field, its almost artistic enough to make another purple haired girl join in 😉
    Well, thats all, i hope you enjoyed my first attempt at a MMD sexy script, haha.

    1. I can add subtitles after the video is rendered from MMD. So I can added words during post production. Well the only people in the dance club are Roise, Luma, Greel, and Maiko joins later after learning how to dance better, and convincing Riley so they can be a official club. so it would just those 3 girls. well at least in the first video. Interesting what you mentioned I guess about Joey. I never thought about it probably Zytra eventually also. But the only girl there currently that can be tricked by Kyle’s lies is Maiko. lol. Luma probably would not even talk to him. Roise is generally nice but still would not be fooled by him or try to prove something to him. It is a good script. I will change up some stuff to make it work well. All of those facial expressions I pretty sure I can make in MMD. I would like to get a new male model though. The one I have is not as good quality and the female ones, and looks a bit odd in general.

      1. @Vortex00
        Wow, thanks! I am glad you liked it. And will think about it. I had fun plotting like I was Kyle myself, lol. Maybe i can think in other stuff later, haha.
        Now i got curious on what you would change to make it work, hehe. Besides using the dancing club as an excuse, what Kyle could do to convince them?
        I see, I still need more knowledge about the characters, I still lack some info 😛
        But yeah, its Joey alright, since even sex can be a form of art, why not nude interpretative dancing? lol.
        I was counting with a cast of different jewels, to be really colorful, haha. I like Savori’s blue, and i can see Leyah using a onix black one too. Zytra would be purple, but Riley is already using one of those, hehe.
        The idea was to cut some work by having the script together with the vid as a recovered tape. But if you can do all that, it would be awesome! But thats almost a short movie, haha.
        Yeah, the male model has been really simple, but well, for hentai its always been like that. Most guys dont care for it, that why there are invisible models or none at all. But since the characters are important in your games, thats not really a option…

        1. @jccq89
          I might be able to model jay and some of the other male bg characters that interact with Kyle when I am making male mmd characters for this type stuff.

          well usually Kyle first convinces Maiko, then Maiko convinces Luma and Roise. Neither of them will allow Maiko to outshine them without working for it. You had it pretty good actually.

          I would only change that Kyle wanted to market the dance club to people will join, well was his excuse at least. but Luma and Roise saw through his trick to get them to dance naked. But then Maiko agreed to help so the club can grow. they didn’t want the dork (Maiko) to be the only person in the video representing the dance club. so they had to agree also.

          the rest is pretty much as you described it. Kyle shows up with a box/bag of jewels.
          Luma already knows what this is because Luma is into some freaky fetish stuff. But Maiko and Roise would be clueless.

          Luma: What the hell?
          Roise: A box of jewels?
          Maiko: Where did you get these!?
          Luma: Who did you seal these from nerd! You better not be getting me trouble again with your stupid ass ideas!
          Kyle: I bought them! Now put them on!
          Maiko: uh.. put what on?
          Roise: what? the jewels?
          Luma: what the hell are you talking about nerd? I’m not wearing this perverted ass shit!
          Maiko: wait, you can wear this?… O.o
          Roise: (sigh) I knew something like this would happen -_-;
          Luma: Yeah Maiko what the fuck? quit fucking trusting this guy! that is why you are still a dork!
          Maiko: It’s for the club! We need sex appeal..scared Luma?
          Kyle: yeah Maiko-chan gets it! it is all about sex appeal!
          Luma: S- Scared? No way dork! Give me that! so where is the glue?
          Luma: …. (looks at Kyle grinning) give me that! (swipes the glue from Kyle)
          (goes to sit back down, pauses, then looks at Kyle)
          Luma: ….Like, dude…why are you still here? GET THE HELL OUT SO WE CAN CHANGE!
          Roise: -_-;


          Luma: This glue looks shitty.. I swear I will kill him if these things come off.
          Maiko: hehe. that sounds like something he would do… be careful.
          Roise: and you don’t care?
          Maiko: Me? I will be first one to beat him of these things come off!!!
          Luma: Alright! that a girl nerdlet! Maybe there is some hope for you after all.
          Roise: haha yeah.

          just a idea based on yours, but taking out Roise being tricked.
          the end would be pretty much the same. And Roise would still say something about putting on a good show.

          about the other stuff, I currently have Leyah with yellow jewels pattie has white in a upcoming video. Zytra in my head would have black and Roise would have pink, Luma would have light blue.

          yeah all the characters are important here.
          It was just for a mmd video about one of the cafe mini games or something I would worry about it too much.

          1. @Vortex00
            Wow, that would be pretty awesome man! I would like Jay to help him, even if it makes him get beaten together, lol.
            When you say stuff like that, i cant stop thinking about the Magical Kitty, dancing some sexy kitty cat song. Or taking from her cat side, playing with the butterflies or bubbles that fall from sky. There could be a cute but sexy video of her too. Not to mention all the other extra characters. Roy blowing his load too soon when he sees sexy stuff (that shouldnt be funny at all, lol). Or the guys starting to note his sister because of her jumbo knockers. The possibilities….

            Hmm, its good to get to understand better how i can work with Kyle’s plans and Maiko together after the explanation, thanks!
            I had problems figuring out the colors for each jewel, at first i thought it was related to their eyes, but after thinking a little about what you said about Pattie. At least the 4 main girls have colors related to their bikinis on that old pick you made. Leyah will look good on yellow. I wonder about the other girls, haha. I was thinking on all the rainbow colors, but there is white and black right there. Onix black being my favorite color for a jewel. Those would be 9 colors in the end. Lynn would be orange?
            Yes, since the characters matter, not only for story, but when making a mmd with hentai, their body will have to be on par with the girls, otherwise it will just be cheesy…

          2. @jccq89
            I forgot Lynn’s color undies. I think I was flesh color so I might need to change it. yeah. I attached a pic.

            well Roy’s sister (and I’m not sure his name will remain as Roy) her boobs are only temporarily big. It is actually Lynn’s cream. But idk how that will go yet. Maybe something his sister does makes it permanent or at long term. They are new characters so things are not set in stone currently. One person had a Idea to give Luma little sister that was one ear younger than Luma and have her help lead the sex club with Jeni.

            to really make used of mmd like I want to, I would need to model all the characters from scratch. which needless to say will take some time. but it would be worth it if I want to invest lots of time into mmd. once i get a male and female base the different hairs and stuff should be easy. but I can do some the animations with what I have right now.

            or if I didn’t want to start from scratch i could buy a base
            then all I would need is a anime style head and tweak it. If i can make the models good enough. I would not need to draw them. I would used the 3d models in different poses for the game. and for the animations of course.

          3. @Vortex00
            I see, i remember the cream, i didnt now it was temporary. Maybe its the first version of the cream that Lynn was holding? So its unstable and can make boobs be forever like that or after using once, they can change size from time to time, making that girls breasts rip her shirt from time to time? That could be funny, she would be all red from her shirt opening all of sudden at class and her brother dying the front student hair white from watching his sister, lol.

            Ah, i thought about a clip where Lynn is trying to follow Maiko in dancing in underwear, but her bodyguard keeps entering in front of her image and trying to censor her, making all kinds of jumps (like stunts) to keep her image intact. But in the end she tricks him on leaving somehow and keeps dancing with maiko.

          4. @Vortex00
            Ah! I remember that pic, its pretty old i think. Maybe you could work a little on that. I like her shy side a lot, but those undies are too simple, haha. I know people suggest she is much more than her shy side we all see, so her undies could show that?
            Even though i like girls like her, that have no clue about this kind of sexy stuff, lol

          5. @Vortex00
            This is a shy girl, sexy one:

            But it could be too much, so i thought about this see-through top and panties, plus the thing on the thighs (forgot the name). If the top is too much, you can make it only a bra. But the thighs thing is the stuff who is the most important, haha.

          6. @jccq89
            ah I see. Yeah Lynn is trying to explore what the other girls get involved in. She thinks they all wear these kinds of sexy clothes heh. But most of the just have plain old bras lol. The only person who might actually wear this besides Lynn is Luma, and Maybe Jeni. But Jeni is kind of a tomboy so probably only in certain situations.

          7. @Vortex00
            Thats good!
            Yeah, Jeni dont seem to wear that much, but the situations she would use are when she is leading the sex club, like a seductress or something. But just like that, she has a iron fist, but she knows how to stroke a cock, lol.

  6. As for Luma’s hair going to school, she doesn’t like how the hairpin giving to her by ARIA. So she decided to where it in that type of hair style and attach the hairpin to the a clip that hold her hair. And since it is a new hair style fashion. In her mind even better to cover what she finds ugly hairpin with her hair. The female dorks ask what the hell did she do with her hair.

    Luma: It’s a new fashion like DUH! I don’t expect you dorks to even know the newest fashion.

    Riley: How convenient a new fashion is out.

    Luma: Like feeling jelly there Miss President. LOL

    Riley: ….more like you was whining to our mentor that the hairpins look like crap. And trying to demand different hairpin with stylish fashion, is all I’m saying.

    Luma: !!!! Like what is your fucking problem?

    Riley: Me? Nothing… but you, you better hope Phia is in a good mood. Yesterday she was in a bad mode. And she give you such a ass chewing.

    Maiko: Wait Luma got in trouble by her higher ups? I wise I was there to see it! LOL

    Luma: Shut it DORK! This is between to agents talking none of your business!…

    Riley: Luma? You do know where are off duty and the fact where in school… right?

    Luma: Meaning what?

    Riley: Well there is no business to even talk about no mission nothing zip nada….

    Riley: Look all I’m saying you better hope that a agent doesn’t see you modify the hairpin like that. Or you might be in the world of shi…..

    Mr. Cain is right behind Luma, the girls forgot that Cain is a agent eliot accompany Lynn everyday.

    Luma: WTF what? WHAT?

    Luma pause and thinks

    Luma: Shit! Lynn bodyguard is a Eliot higher ups above Aria.

    Maiko: YEP! And he is right behind you… LOL

    Luma turns around looking at Cain face. As he is completely unimpressed and have displease face reaction.

    Luma: Good morning to you eh… sir?….

    Cain: …….

    Luma: …..

    Cain: You dare change mod the hairpin that was giving to you by your piers. Without asking permission to even change it by your piers?

    Maiko in her mind saying: Shit this is getting good never EVER have I seen Luma look so cold. Or ever be so in trouble by anyone. This is… AWESOME.

    Riley: Maiko… I think we should leave…

    Maiko: Wait wait, this is getting good one of a life time.

    Riley: Well as president I can let any student get harm.

    Lynn pops out of nowhere.

    Lynn: Wow is that a new hair style?

    Luma: ….yea….

    Lynn: Cool do you have another one I can use or have?

    Luma: No only one.

    Lynn looks at Cain.

    Lynn: Mr. Cain I want one!

    Maiko & Riley: Mr. Who?

    Maiko: What did she just finish calling him?

    Riley: Cain that is not even his name.

    Cain all blush than gets to normal and say.

    Cain: Well it can’t because it first needs to go through the guidelines of safety.


    Points to Luma. Luma is still have like a ghost chill face.

    Luma: …eh it’s a new hair style? smiles at Cain.

    Cain: Wha… very well I’ll find a pin to mod it just for you Lynn.

    Cain walks away.

    All the girls only Lynn doesn’t take a big breath of relief.

    Riley: Well Luma aren’t you going to say something to Lynn?

    Luma: Wha… fine thanks for getting my ass out of trouble.

    Lynn: What are you guys talking about wasn’t this about the new hair style.

    Remember Lynn usually is clueless of what is going on. Maiko slips falls to the floor laughing/


    Maiko: Ha ha ha ha ha OMG!

    Lynn: Wait was there a joke that I didn’t understand… what was the joke?

    Riley and Luma Facepalm and both say: OMG!

    Maiko laugh even harder.

    Luma: Like I’m what of here before she makes me even more dumb. It already effected the dork on the floor.

    Lynn: No really guys what was the joke?

    Riley: Well…. there wasn’t any joke. How can I explain….. I can’t it’s impossible yo even explain.

    Riley walks away.

    Lynn looking at Maiko at the floor seen Maiko tiers coming out.

    Lynn with a poppy face, looking at Maiko than asking.

    Lynn: But but what was the joke I miss the joke.

    Maiko: Lynn stop your killing heh ha ha…

    Maiko gets up well we better get to class or else the teacher will be real piss if we are late to class.

    And now Lynn sometimes have her hair back the style the way Luma have in the lolipop picture sometimes. IT ether the lose hair with a hairpin or her hair back.

    Hairpin now have new ability to mod. Think the way UMCCM is with the hairpin combo. Instead being like equipment like to add to each pearl.

    1. “Mr. Who?” lol. yeah it is a bit funny that bu the end of the game none of them what Lynn’s bodyguards name is. this is pretty funny. I would need to model Cain and Lynn before even thinking about this though. I also to model them to complete the Music club. So much to do, so little time lol. I still need to model SIxxe and Annie. and Phil. I think that sixxe, jeo and phil will probably have similar body models though with a few changes like how the girls are with different boob sizes and hair.

    2. Joe, you are too creative dude, haha
      You made a whole story to explain Luma’s new hair, thats great! 😛
      And had a lot of comedy to add too with game suggestions

  7. You control a target cursor, and clicking allows you to shoot water. You can probably justify using a super soaker type object. When the water hits a shirt, the alpha of that section of shirt increases, making it more transparent. Shirts have a max alpha of 90%.

    1. Seem like this has been done a lot already thoguh in other adult games? And they just dodge out of the way right? I did something similar in Umichan Maiko Snowball Holiday but it didn’t have transparency and alpha was basally the heat bar going down.

      In any case, it can be a mini but what would the setting be? I’m sure people would not just line up to get soaked. Maybe a gameshow for money in the city or something idk. ideas are welcome.

  8. Justjoe:
    Or Kyle is helping Maiko if she can help him get hook up with Savori. Kyle secret crush. Maiko probably sees right through and knows Kyle have a crush. How she knows is that Kyle acts different around Savori. It’s like he is trying to impress her.

    Also a good scenario. I think short scenarios like that is the way to go. Basically like UMCC but with just one quest or objective to complete in each swf. all of them together will make up the whole game and some of them will be necessary to complete other ones. Perhaps that one could end in no sex (failure or neutral), sex with maiko or sex with savori.

    But just stuff like that where it is with specific characters based on the scenario or story.

    Any ideas for Kyle gameplay besides taking photos ? I would like to have him not be a “one trick pony” as the saying goes heh.

    Scenarios like this can be make even right now. Just need other characters/students. But Kyle Maiko Savori are all done for the most part. I would like to have Joey done also because she is in the publishing club. And would probably at least be in the clubroom on normal occasions along with Pattie.

    The club I think is Kyle, Joey, Pattie and Jay and maybe a few more can be added later. and of course Maiko joins every club during umcc.

    Well he is a journalist, so a guess detective type of mini or private eye. Plus he is responsible for the school publishing book and news. Do to his activity on trying to make quick easy money for the publishing. And since it’s gone, Savori’s father is in jail. Kyle have to quickly think what to do next. At the same time trying to get hook up with Savori hoping Maiko can help him.

    Meanwhile Kyle calls his minion pose. Something that Maiko doesn’t know about Kyle secret group for damage control. Since Kyle fuck up, he calls his group for a secret meeting. There all perv nerds. LOL

    1. Vortex00:
      Playing as David could be interesting also. His scenarios could probably involve Jeni and or him trying to force girls to bang him or provide something for him to fap to. Maybe helping recruit for the sex club. Maybe a bonus scenario the recreates the event in umcc. it is easier when the game is separated out.

      David would have to watch it he doesn’t go to jail. His mom is sweet, but behind close doors since her mom runs a her own underground shit. She yells at him about the event of Maiko. Where he force her to shack her tits. David didn’t know Maiko secret sometimes make money on the side with her mom.

      He fears her mom the most, stay away from her she is booming business for me. Don’t you dare say anything about this or top her.

      A scared David
      David: YYYYYYesssss mom…..

      David avoids Lynn because what Cain treating him. Because David over heard what he was talking about with some other agents. However Lynn been trying to go towers David to ask a question. Where he goes and runs away. This is why Lynn thinks David knows something.

      Also David avoids Lynn because Jeni said we can’t have Lynn find out about this secret club. Lynn father is the owner of that damn agent group.

  9. Yeah I guess he would not be the the character trying to bang as many chick as possible. That is maybe David. But as Kyle you’d probably need to balance helping Maiko so she will help him get closer to Savori. Or maybe even help Riley with the SC to investigate some stuff and bring back photo evidence for Riley so she can figure out stuff. Similar to the Investigate Complaints stuff in UMCC. May that can be it. Help Maiko, help Riley, and maybe one other person. Then they say good things to Savori about Kyle so he can score lol.

    Along with some group management as you mentioned. I see it like this. You have Jay, Pattie and Joey and maybe one other guy. And you can assign them areas to go take photos and what to take photos of (Environment or People) and they bring back random photos from those areas. and you basically pick what you want to keep for Riley’s instigation, and what you want to potentially sell to help build money for Maiko. the other pics are discarded and you can send them back out again later. Based on the pictures you get, you have to figure out where you need to be as Kyle to get the final “smoking gun” evidence for Riley. The other students will never find it on their own.

    For Maiko it is about building up money for whatever she needs, I’m not sure what that is yet.

    so basically the hentai is kyle/savori , kyle/maiko, and some stuff he might see when going to places, maybe some yuri is the girls lockerroom, and some stuff in the “empty” classroom in UMCC you get when you do Natan’s stuff. Speaking of Natan maybe part of Riley’s investigation is about Natan.

    good idea putting this in scripts

    1. scrolling up a see jccq’s post about the mmd dance video. Maybe Kyle is helping with that for Maiko. because Lynn can’t spend credit money on perverted nipple covers because her parents will found out she is doing lewd stuff with Maiko. so they have to get the money themselves lol. Cain really doesn’t care he just makes sure she is safe. he is doing his job either way lol.

      1. This is a good idea why Lynn gets a job with Maiko in the summer. To try to get money her self, her dad is angry that she went on a adventure in space. However what he didn’t expect is her child is actually very good at managing. She actually made millions on her own sweet. Nothing to do with sex. Just managing bikini models etc.

  10. Didn’t know there was a thread like this, thanks for bringing it up.

    You seem to have a lot of stuff around characters like Lynn and Jeni so I’ll just drop a couple of suggestions for characters that may not have much right now.

    For Amber since she’s curious about dicks she could be constantly sneaking around trying to find out more about sex. While sneaking around one day she get’s caught by Roise, who actually offers to teach her more about it. But Amber doesn’t know much about Roise and she’s actually just using the opportunity to mess with her more, (EX: Teaching her wrong things, tricking her into hitting on guys with lines that don’t make sense.)

    [Lesson’s in what guys want.]
    Amber: So, what exactly do guys like from a girl?
    Roise: Hmm, I’d say their favorite thing is getting their elbows rubbed.
    Amber: Ehh? Elbows?
    Roise: Oh yeah, guys love it nothing better than that. In fact, see that guy there? You should try it on him.
    Amber: Already?! Um, O.K. I’ll try!
    Joiry: ……………The hell? What’s going on?
    Amber: Uh? Was that bad? Did I go too hard?
    Joiry: Well, I’m more wondering why you’re doing it.
    Amber: Oh! I’m so sorry! I knew I should’ve asked first…

    [Lessons in talking to boys]
    Roise: So first you should learn how to talk to guys before you try to get in their pants.
    Amber: Of course sensei!
    Roise: So I’ll let you in on a secret compliment. See guys love to hear about how tiny their dicks are.
    Amber: What? I thought they liked to hear about how big their dicks are.
    Roise: No, girls like big dicks but guys don’t. It’s like having big boobs, inconvenient for the person with them but fun for everyone else.
    Amber: Oh, I guess that makes sense.
    Roise: Right, so go walk up to that guy and tell him his dick is really small.
    Tsugo: ……..
    Amber: Um hello!
    Tsugo: Oh hello there beauty, what can I help you with?
    Amber: Um… I just wanted to tell you you’re dick is really small.
    Tsugo: What?! I had to have misheard you, what was that again?
    Amber: I just wanted to say how small your dick is!
    Tsugo: What?! Look you don’t need to mention that kind of thing, I mean I don’t even know you!
    Amber: It’s fine, I know I don’t know you well but I’m sure your dick is really tiny and soft-
    Tsugo: Sorry I really must be going!
    Amber: Wait! Roise why is he running?
    Roise: Probably just shy is all… hehe
    Could end a number of ways but I figured you could have Amber get too confident in her abilities and try to run off to the sex club alone (Or maybe the diner). Roise would tell Maiko that she went too far with the jokes and is worried that Amber is in over her head.

    But when they show up they find that she’s already getting gangbanged and having a great time.
    (If the sex club works the same way it did in UMCC you could make Amber not be an option in it until getting to this point.)


    Also for Ms. Alma, I figured you could have a small sidequest where she’s onto the sex club around school and is trying to put a stop to it. She could ask Maiko after becoming part of the school council and Maiko could help her out or decide to warn Jeni and help her not get caught.

    Stopping the club could just be a simple choice that removes the option from the school and makes Jeni and her friends hate Maiko.

    Stopping Alma would require going to Jeni where she’d come up with a fake sting operation to catch Alma in a compromising position. (She probably wouldn’t tell Maiko what the plan was, just yell at her until she decided to do it.)

    The plan would have Maiko go to Alma and tell her that the sex club is in the guy’s lockerroom right now. Alma would then drag Maiko to go help her catch them in the act. They’d get there and find the lockerroom empty but start searching the place for some evidence they were there. During the search one of the guys (Used Joiry in the Example below) would pop out of a locker and shove their dick in her face, which Kyle would snap a picture of.

    [EX to illustrate sting scene.]

    Alma: Eugh! What do you think you’re doing Joiry?!
    Joiry: What? You came into a guy’s locker room, what else did you expect to find?
    Alma: I’m here on official school business and if I don’t hear exactly where this degenerate club is right now, you’re looking at expulsion!
    Kyle: Not so fast teach! I just got a snapshot of you in such a degenerate act with a student. Do you think the principal would appreciate a teacher that would do something like that?
    Alma: This is blackmail!
    Joiry: Maybe, but we are uh… whatever you said. So you’d better lay off the investigating if you still want a job.
    Kyle: Hang on Joiry! We got an interesting opportunity here, maybe we can get our teach to make a special guest appearance…
    Joiry: Yeah, I like the sound of that. What do you say teach? Care to follow us somewhere to finish up?
    Alma: You aren’t going to get away with this…
    After this Alma could become available in the sex club and maybe have a follow up sidequest involving Alma trying to get the picture back or going to the principal anyway. (Could lead to the principal being in on the sex club, or somewhere else, this message is already too long so I’ll leave that alone for now.)

    Another thing I suggested in another comment section that I want to stick where people’ll see, is it put Roise as a customer for the sex diner. But as a “superboss” scenario, where she’s really hard to beat but if you succeed she gives Maiko a ‘secret technique’ that makes guys cum super easily. (Which would raise her sex club stats a ton and make it way easier to raise money.) I like the idea of getting some strapon ladies in the club and Roise seems to be the only character that would fit the bill, (Well maybe Pattie but she wouldn’t need to pay to do that.) it seems pretty in character for her too and the experience she talks about having in the first game could be a good reward to get.

    1. good stuff, thanks for the ideas. I actually need to go pack and read everything here eventually.

      the Alma thing seems a bit too easy. How did Kyle get the photo initially ? why did she investigate alone? why did she ask maiko over Luma or Riley? I just want to be cautious about any of the teachers being easily duped, so I’m a bit more critical with them.

      Not a fan of strap on but we can see where it works. I’m not sure it needs to be in the cafe.

      1. The idea for the fake sting was to get the photo taken in the first place. Like Alma would hear about the sex club in the lockerroom and go there to stop it, but there Joiry and Kyle would be hiding and when she wandered too far in Joiry would pop out of a locker and shove his dick in her face, then Kyle would pop out of where ever he was hiding and take a picture of it before she could back away. I figure Alma wouldn’t be as good at spotting Kyle’s hiding spots since he’d be pretty good at sneaking at this point and Alma doesn’t have experience looking for him like Mika or the girls like Savori. Joiry I’m not so sure about him hiding now though, he doesn’t seem like the sneaking type, so maybe David would fit better there.

        For that scene I figured she would bring Maiko with her since she gave the news but they would either have split up to search better or Maiko would’ve slipped out by the time Alma got caught, since she didn’t want to get in trouble herself. She could be added to the scene easily though but I don’t know what all she’d say other than, “Sorry this happened Ms. Alma…” or something like that.

        For picking Maiko I thought that Alma would’ve tried asking most of the students on the council prior to Maiko but Luma would be friends with Jeni and not give her away, but also not want to get in any trouble from Alma so she’d just lie and say she didn’t know anything about the club. And Riley I figured wouldn’t know about the club at all and thus not be helpful. Leaving Maiko as the next best choice.

        And the Roise thing didn’t need to be the cafe, I just guessed that because it’s the only sex part of UMCH that I know has gameplay right now.

        Also I just saw the other two scripting pages go up, so I’ll fill something in on those later. You have a happy new year man.

        1. I wanted the teachers to seem impossibly intelligent to the point where it is comical. Like Kyle might be hiding in the locker room, then when he jumps out Alma is literally standing right there. that kind of stuff. I really want to avoid the tricking the teacher to force her to do sex stuff thing.

          1. Yeah I getcha, now that I think about it that kinda thing doesn’t really fit the rest of game. I liked Alma’s design so I was just trying to think of a way to get her into some sex scenes.

            If you like the first part of that part though you could always keep that but flip it around when they try to catch her.

            Like she says she’s looking for the sex club and Maiko just assumes that it’s to stop them. But when they try to catch her it just turns out she really wanted to join in.

            Not sure if that fits her character though, she seemed kinda prudish but she also really wanted a dildo in the first game if I remember right. If she’s secretly into freaky stuff I guess that kind of plot would work but that depends on what you want her to do.

  11. Dizzyfying disaster

    scene 1: (teacher office)

    Alma: (sigh) ah Maiko, I’m glad you came…
    Maiko: What is it?
    Alma: Dizzy here keeps talking about a boob fairy… She says you have seen it also?
    Dizzy: You saw it right Maiko? I’m not crazy! A pink haired girl with a yellow ribbon!
    Maiko: well… I met a girl named Annie on the first day of school with pink hair and a yellow ribbon…
    Maiko: She had a full school uniform on and everything.
    Alma: But you weren’t here the first day.
    Maiko: She was outside my window. I even talked to her.
    Alma: Hmm no one regestered here fits that description.
    Maiko: But she even gave me a hairpin! see?
    Alma: …where?
    Maiko: here on my head!
    Alma: Maiko, there is no hairpin ony your head.
    Maiko: wait, huh? Where is it?
    Alma: Look. Maiko. Why you and Dizzy go home and get some sleep.
    Maiko: But I always wear it! You’ve never seen me wearing it?
    Alma: Maybe I never noticed because it never really stood out to me.
    Alma: (sigh) Maiko go home and get some sleep. You too Dizzy.
    Dizzy: you see maiko?
    Alms: dismissed.

    scene 2: (at home)
    Maiko: Annie will be mad that I lost her hairpin… I wonder why she is never in class.
    Maiko: Huh? there it is… how did it get here? I’m sure I wore it to school today…
    Maiko: There.
    Maiko: (I’ll show Alma this tomorrow)

    scene 3: (teacher office)
    Maiko: Miss Alma!
    Alma: Yes Miss Umiya?
    Maiko: See?
    Alma: Hm? see what?
    Maiko: My hairpin?
    Alma: Oh it looks nice on you Maiko. what about it? Why are you showing it to me all of a sudden?
    Maiko: Huh?
    Maiko: We were talking yesterday about it. when you called me here.
    Alma: I’m sorry, when was this ?
    Maiko: In your office after class… you wanted me to come to talk about dizzy and boob faries…
    Alma: I don’t remember having a conversation like that Maiko.
    Alma: Boob faries? Are you feeling ok? Maybe Mika should have alook at you.
    Maiko: But you were talking to dizzy and called me here…
    Alma: Maiko. I’m sure we never had this conversaion.
    Maiko: really?…
    Maiko: Ok.. sorry to bother you then…

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