January 2, 2024

86 thoughts on “UMCC offline update 2

  1. It’s getting better and better. I’m feeling so proud of you! I hope one day I will make a decent game just like you. Don’t have to be 18+, just a decent game.

  2. I am glad you made it dude! Now its time to show Aria some love 😀
    Oh, and thanks for the character, it look awesome!
    I was playing and found magical kitty, haha. There were a girl talking about Joe’s cream too, lol. These characters are a nice addition 😉

  3. Also I notice there is only cum on other girls face. I wonder will there eventually be cum on their boobs too? Or maybe more things they girls did, more cum on their bodies? Just a thought.

    1. Well, the text says “It is possible for Maiko’s friends to get cum on their face. (They do not react to it yet when talking to them).” So i think thats just the face for now.
      I don’t know about the rest of the body possibility. We will start seeing some progress on Aria from now on, the new game Vortex is working at the time. But who knows?

  4. The “David fight” thing puzzles me – it’s not mentioned in the walkthrough. Not asking to be spoonfeed the whole thing, but what’s that about?

    1. Its a fight that happens when you go home alone at night, it just happens once. I can add it, if you feel its needed. But by going home with friends, it just dont happen.

  5. I don’t know if I want to update. Just because I was playing and Jay took my top off. Then I entered the gym, went back into the hallway and jay saw me again and he says I exploded when I saw you. Priceless.

  6. Hey, i’m not able to talk to any custom character. I see them in the background, but i can’t interact with. Is there a point in the game when i can, or did i not receive any. I also can’t make one. I have update 2a so can someone please inform me if i did something wrong or something.

    1. custom characters just talk and do stuff to Maiko. There is no talk menu or anything else that happens. You can make a character that has a sentinel to battle though if you want. Background character you can’t talk to but you can snap a picture of them and Maiko will say something about them.

      You have to make them manually. There is no toolkit to make them in the game.
      start reading at this line which is in bold “here is a example of a real working string of data:”

  7. I’ve been opening the file with flashplayer but it doesn’t seem to affect my game.I’m probably doing something wrong, do I have to rename the update or something.

      1. Sorry the update doesn’t appear to be working on my game. David keeps attacking me and when I am at umi’s house and press the >> button she does the blowjob scene without a boy there.

          1. you are absolutely sure you have the new version? it really sound like you are playing a old version. I cannot reproduce the BJ error you mentioned and david only attacks once.

            when David attacks Maiko does she say anything about reporting David to GemCo Law division ?

  8. I clicked on your link to download the update. What should I do from here? Do I need to delete the game and redownload it? Sorry im not very computer program knowledgeable. Its probably im not doing something right.

    1. what it seems like you are doing is downloading the new game then running the same old game you had previously. Maybe calling it a “update” is confusing. It doesn’t update the old game files.

      the file you download is the complete game. you need to discontinue however you were playing the game previously. and open the the new file that you downloaded and run that instead.

        1. yes the same endgame password and the generated alphanumeric number code from the old versions both work in 2a.

          use the load icon on the table and paste the number code data there and press load.

        2. Unfortunately i’m still having a problem getting it to work. I deleted my original copy of the game and downloaded the update. I’ve been saving it with the original file name and adding an .swf to it. When I open the file it comes up as a white screen. I don’t know what is going wrong. I’m really sorry for all these help me posts but I don’t know why I can’t get it to work.

          1. you should not need to add a .swf
            you are probably making the file name “example.swf.swf” causing it not to work.

          2. 1. At this point the game should be downloaded. Find the file, it is most likely going to be a zip file still. Right click on it and click “Extract All”.

            2. It should appear in the folder you are in. Another folder named umcc_offline_update_2 the same thing will appear. Enter the folder and then you should see something called “UmiChanClassroomCheater8X3”

            3. Now right click on “UmiChanClassroomCheater8X3” click “Open With…” Now if your web browser doesn’t appear you need to click “Choose Default Program” If you use internet explorer click on it and then the game should launch.

            If this doesn’t work I will need you to take pictures of what you are doing. I will explain how to do this later if it still isn’t working for you.

  9. Thanks, I found it. But now I’ve got another wuastion. What are the controls? Trying WASD I found how to move around and block, but can’t figure how to attack myself…
    Also, run into a bug (if you lose the fight, and hit the “x” to return to roo or menu, next time you enter the park Mako just faints – even if you reload a saved game).

  10. Nevermind my previous question about the controls in the David fight. Kindly consider it now a sugestion to change the instruction’s text color (Usually I would feel like an idiot for missing out on-screen instructions, but, black over dark brown? REALLY?).

    1. yes really.. lol.
      the unfairness of the fight, not knowing that to do, and no warning of what the controls are is intentionally that way. Maiko does not know how to fight. the whole thing takes her by surprise. and by the time she gets to figuring out it is usually already too late.

  11. Hey, just want to say that I really enjoy the game and hope you keep updating it (I would donate to help but circumstances…).

    I realise that making a game takes money and I apologise if I seem like a dick about this but I think keeping a free option would be a good thing in the long run. It grows the audience for the game which will bring in more donations from people who like it, than people who would buy in to the game blind. Obviously you need a setup for this to work which benefits to people who donate to encourage them.

    For example you could keep the free version several updates behind the donator version or update the free version less often. Fenoxo uses a similar system to this and it seems to work extremely well for him.

    On a different note, there is a small bug in the Coach Tom scene where it advances time to night regardless of when you fuck him.

    Also it seems a little odd that you need a lvl5 relationship for the blowjob and footjob scenes when you can take guys to the forest/beach and fuck them with only a lvl2 relationship.

    ….I’ll go now.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. There is a free version right here that isn’t going anywhere. plus there online version was before this. I would hardly call it buying “blind”.
      However that system of updates is something I can use. it is actually already how it was before update 2 released.

      the coach tom scene is not a bug. It was made that way to prevent a exploit of getting over 300 study in all subject easily from him on day 2.

      lol and yeah if you try to make sense of the game, you quickly find that it doesn’t make any sense at all. But I am okay with that heh.

  12. Sorry, I should have been clearer with my meaning and buying blind might not have been the best choice of words.

    What I meant (or tried to) was people who might have just discovered the game, who don’t know about previous versions. Someone a month from now might read a post that links here and get put off by a price. Again, not trying to be a dick, just thought it was worth pointing out.

    I didn’t know about the exploit, I only said small because I wasn’t sure if it was on purpose, like he gave her a good long fucking.

    I’ve been RPing the game and it seems to mostly make sense to me, just a few small things that could be tweeked.

    1. well there is a free version now so that should be good at least for now into the next update version. But I don’t know how many versions this is going to have because I would rather work on a new game entirely where it is easier to add things to it.

      and yeah for the coach tom, that is the idea, that he just goes until night. but the real reason was for the exploit.

  13. Okay i really do not know what to do. once i download it, i put the zip on my desktop. I use windows.
    What now because if i try and open it or unzip it. IT says the file is empty

    1. Make sure you have the entire file downloaded. It is roughly a 38.8 Mb size file.

      Find the zip file. Right click on it and click “Extract All”.

      It should appear in the folder you are in. Another folder named umcc_offline_update_2 the same thing will appear. Enter the folder and then you should see something called “UmiChanClassroomCheater8X3″

      Now right click on “UmiChanClassroomCheater8X3″ click “Open With…” Now if your web browser doesn’t appear you need to click “Choose Default Program” If you use internet explorer click on it and then the game should launch.

      or you can download a flash player.

          1. Yeah, I know… it was supposed to be a little joke…

            Also I am curious are you from U.S.A. or japan?

    1. I could probably make that sentence the title of the game and I will still get a person messaging me about how they are offended by something heh

    1. Thats a awesome pic, thats it, haha.
      Well, thanks man, its going to contribute for other games to be even better.

    1. The free version have less content than the donation version. Users get to play ahead and beta test the working ones before anyone else. And get to influence some ideas for the flash games. The donation helps him buy better equipment to do his projects. He already started upgrading.

      Vortex00 will take any donation even $1. Will get you the full version.


    1. version 3 will e e-mail and patreon. I need to focus on my patreon more, I have just been all over the place. bandcamp will probably end after version/update 3

  14. also a question on the mod characters, the only one I’ve seen is Jay. what do I need to do to get the others to show up?

    1. I accidentally named the folders in umcc_import wrong. they are currently 1, a, a(2), a(3) etc. but they need to be named 1,2,3 etc. instead. The last folder should be named 7 if you did it correctly. It does not matter what number applies to what folder just as long as you begin with 1 and don’t skip any numbers.

  15. @vortex00 BE is short term for Breast Expansion. Also asking this is just to see what Maiko would look like with the “Jumbo” size….*sadface* its a fetish for me ;_;

    1. No I currently do not have any plans to have super huge boobs or any breast expansion beyond the custom characters. The only thing I can recall that was mentioned to me was to have a size bigger than what is currently jumbo.

      maybe you can describe how you see breast expansion working in umcc? I am open to ideas. And I will usually explain why something can’t work, if it doesn’t work.

      I have tried it before in the past with the character Lynn. There is a story surrounding a special cream that she has that makes boobs really large. But it didn’t work out that well when dealing with side view stuff. I have been thinking about actually talking out all the side view stuff lately and replacing it with front and back stuff.

      breast expansion is easier to do in as3. In fact I already have a working umichan’ish sex minigame with a boob slider. But depending on how yo can visualize it. I may or may not be able to do it.

    1. as3 = actionscript 3
      it is the programming language used to create flash games various other things in Adobe Flash. umcc is coded in actionscript 2 (as2), a much older version of the language, and is less capable, and even incapable in some instances, of doing things that as3 can do.

  16. Pardon my ignorance, but what purpose does the Community Service feature in the Sex Club serve? I tried looking for an answer myself but couldn’t draw any obvious conclusions.

    1. No worries, feel free to ask questions.
      The community service has no statistical benefits.
      I think I have covered nearly all bonuses that could be attained through sex. If I find a use for overall popularity again. that would probably be the fast track to it.

    1. “yuri” is not a person, it is a word used to describe love and sexual relations between girls. there are no males involved in yuri.

    1. it just like it sounds. a club in the game where people have sex.
      if you focus on joining physical activity clubs you will find it easily.

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