January 2, 2024

9 thoughts on “Oppai Play Annie

  1. you basically need to click the boob on the same side the twinkles are on as fast as possible to build up a high score. click submit at the end when you have your high score you want to post.

  2. It work, yeah I wasn’t really trying as much. Just wanted to see if the Send Score button really work.

    1. @jccq89
      I see what you mean, however all she have is a dress, probably no bra under that white dress. The higher the score the more hentai act you can do at the end? Anyways it is just a mini game, but I see what you mean of earning your way from a higher score.

      The check the code it the sprite are movie clips. It’s short and simple to be a mini arcade flash.

      1. kinda like that. In spa tap they start with panties, them they go a little down and then they are naked. Something on those lines, the top part of her dress could open and we have a boob slip, with one of them hanging out, then both of them, the last part is she taking the dress off.

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