January 2, 2024

19 thoughts on “Magical Kitty

  1. Let me just say this one is my favorite mini out of the UMCC. I always wonder why you remove it out of the UMCC. I’m sure you had your reason with problems within the code. Even if it is not a hentai flash. I like this flash game. Very fun to play, I’m sure Leyah is a huge fan of Magical Kitty. I mean I think she is the captain of the gamers club? I could be wrong, you know where you have to beat the shooter score in order to be in the gamers club. I hope Magical Kitty mini makes it in UMCH.

    I feel like this flash can be retro fit with more stages in the near future. To me this one is one of the best mini. I don’t care if it’s not a hentai. It’s fucking fun, so yeah man it work you wanted to make a very fun game of this flash.

    I’m sure if this Magical Kitty is part of the light world, it will be because of Leyah. Hell if anyone goes inside Leyah head into her light world. There might be a real Magical Kitty. LOL

    I could only imagine the hardest stage of a light world would be in Dizzy’s head, since in her mind there are real boob faeries and UFO enemies. LOL

    As for Magical Kitty a Magical Kitty puzzle game where you pop bubbles, a magical kitty pinball machine can work with her sprite form. Glad you release this flash.

    1. Yeah I can definitely have more stages and some hentai unlocks for beating stages and some icon swaps, etc. Even some seasonal stuff, themes, and sfx and music added. Was going to add sounds and much but it would have taken longer that I wanted to spend on it atm. Can do it for stuff in the future.

      1. Got 8425 so what did I win? I nude Magical Kitty pic. LOL

        I’m joking damn it I can’t beat your score.

        Seasonal theme, would be interesting. I look at her I see a pinball flash can be done out of it. Or some puzzle game. Can’t wait to see what else you will use Magical Kitty for.

          1. I thought about posting the whole map for each level. maybe it might help some people finish faster.

  2. Oh my! I just beat the one and only Master of Magical Kitties himself… O.O
    That was incredibly hard and fun, Vortex, congratz!

    1. Really my score is there just to make sure the score system is working for each game XD

      I am no master at any of these games. I just make them. justjoe2k also helps test to make sure it is working correctly.

      Good to see some competition around there thoguh. should be very interesting when I have some online games. will get the VPS server this month hopefully.

  3. I want to see more of magical kitty dude, she is just too cute. There isnt a cat dancing motion for her on MMD?
    I like the idea of having unlockable pictures for points or levels completed.

    1. @Vortex @jccq89
      Or she is traveling inside people dream, to see what is in there heads. Unlocking there darkest secret guilty pleasures. A theme of holidays or how a student mind is like. Dizzy would be the hardest level to travel in…. EVER do to her random fantasy she comes up with.

      1. thats a great idea man, that would be like inception, lol.
        But going through deepest desires and all, sounds awesome, there would be some crazy stuff going on Kyle’s head, David and such.

          1. @Vortex00 @jccq89
            I know is a good idea,she is a Magical Kitty that travels inside the light world. In which is created by people dreams. She makes perfect explanation to do hentai at the end of each stage. Since she is taking a peek on people desires.

            It was Leyah that created her and it’s Leyah’s best i,imaginary friend when she is asleep The Kitty takes her into a adventure. Well Leyah is not there, but Magical Kitty says so who’s mind should we check out today?. There is a reason why Dizzy calls Leyah a witch, well Vortex00 you wanted a why, well THERE YOU GO.

            Now we know why Dizzy calls Leyah a witch, also The Magical Kitty tells Leyah everything she seen inside peoples head. Magical Kitty and Leyah are best friends. Kitty tells her everything. And Leyah by now knows everyone secret guilty pleasures. Maiko wonders how the fuck did she know Maiko’s secrets. LOL

          2. Idk If Leyah creating magical kitty (a actual person) makes sense because she a fan of the game in the arcade. She would have had to thought of it a long time ago. Then someone I guess saw her in their dreams or something then made a game about it lol.

          3. @Vortex00 @justjoe2k
            Well, talking about it like that, it all would make a huge paradox… but it makes sense if magical kitty existed in the dream world and them someone just decided to create her from a dream inspiration. Or, Leyah was a fan of the character and created her on the dream world from that.

  4. @Vortex00 @jccq89
    News flash Skullo the plot of JLCK is already a paradox, remember the novel of Semitix? Where Donavik ends up in the dream world that was created his classmate. In which Annie can time travel. Hell Annie end up making multiple paradox moments in Semitix than in DoE.

    So a Magical Kitty is nothing compare what Annie have done. Annie is not real she is a dream made up by someone. LOL

    Magical Kitty original creator was none other than Leyah. But how in the hell did it end up in the past? Simple it was Annie fault! You see she end up in a Anime convention. Where people cosplay, Annie bump into Leyah. Leyah thought Annie was playing a princess. Leyah give Annie a gift a chibi doll of Magical Kitty inside a ball. Annie went to the past to help Dr. Light not get kill. To keep him from, Light uncovering what is really going on.

    Annie didn’t fuck up Sixxe was surprise. HOWEVER she did, she left the doll in the past. Some loser scientist of Gymco that got fired happen to find it. But he decided to spice up what Magical Kitty is about in a arcade game which failed.

    See this is the best part, Annie is the creator of the Paradox in the first place. I think Vortex00 would agree that most of the paradox where done by Annie anyways.

    1. @justjoe2k @jccq89
      Interesting idea you have there Joe. However if I’m thinking about this right though, Umichan stuff is before they save Dr. light. So Annie can’t go back in the past from Umichan to save him because the saving Dr. Light stuff is in the future of umichan (during DoE). Sixxe and Annie went back in the past to make sure Maiko is strong enough to protect Gheist later when Phil shows up. And during the events of DoE they are looking for Gheist. I don’t think they found the professor yet either, But I’m not sure, I need to re-read the last few parts later. I think Tasha’s team was looking for him while Annie and Sixxe looked for Gheist.

      yeah there two man paradox’s in the JLCK one is time and dimension travel creating oddities. the other is things, people, even worlds, being created because of someone’s strong imagination. Leyah (or someone) would almost have to be like Haruhi Suzumiya, where aliens and things exist from her imagination and video games just because she wants them to exist (like Magical Kitty, Demons, Other worlds and Annie). Since Umichan is is the past Annie didn’t come along till later so it makes sense, but she time traveled back into the past. Leyah doesn’t even recognize the oddities, she is just hopeful they exist, but Dizzy does, she can see people for who they really are. everyone else just sees a normal person or something.

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