January 2, 2024

14 thoughts on “UMCC Platform Camera Mini

    1. Yeah time plus skill because you get extra points for getting multiple objectives all at once.

      For example, instead of taking a pic of a girl then a boy separately. you can move kyle next to a girl and take one pic of them both for both of those objectives at once.

  1. Ah, I found how to faint a girl ! It isn’t an objective, but I it’s done ! (Sorry, i’m not english…but it means that your work is great, to attarct non-english people ^^

      1. I understand, but it’s a so common event when someone makes linguistic mistakes while speaking in English (I’m not an exception myself), that it isn’t really worth mentioning it, I think. It’s a world language, after all.

        1. imo it helps for various reasons but the topic isn’t a big deal worth making a case for. i think it helps, he did also, else he would not have mentioned it, if you don’t then that’s cool. it’s pretty far off topic for this post.

          1. Well, I stated my point of view, didn’t expect someone to answer me and wasn’t planning to make such a big deal of it.

            And yes, it’s far off the topic. Better for us to stop flooding.

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