January 3, 2024

13 thoughts on “UMCH: cafe progression test

  1. Everything works really well! Only potential issue I could see is that you seem to make very little money from doing this, even after ten minutes I had only made roughly $30. I was wondering if the amount earned is going to be scaled up or if the general cost of things is going to be scaled down? Or maybe even neither to make money making harder, I’m up for any of those options! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, yeah the rate at which you earn money will need to adjusted once more of the game is complete. But what it is currently is a guess based on what I had in mind for later. Yeah you earn more base pay as you level up the cafe, I don’t have the base pay listed there with the other numbers but the math is whatever the cafe level is squared. at lvl 1 it is only 1 but lvl 2 it is 4, then 9 then 16. However you also loose this potential money whenever you have to re-check orders. and you loose some tips when you get a match wrong.
      Also I haven’t taken into account Maiko’s hairpin or what her friends can do. I’ll work on that a bit later today.

  2. Love the mini update Vortex00, the flirt system to send a friend is a nice touch. So far it forces me to memorize the order each level making more harder than the last. Level 1 is simple, to up the levels getting harder is a nice touch.

    Maybe if they get to popular when ever you do the cafe it starts on the level popularity you left off.

    1. Thanks for testing it, yeah when more of the other parts of the game are complete I will certainly have it where you can continue where you left off.

      Also like the boxing minigame I might have a Maiko hairpin energy amount. and using it will allow you to see the orders without loosing pay to recheck it. or maybe you can use it once per round or something. Once per round would be easier to manage.

  3. the background moving around when I move my mouse is a little distracting when im trying to click the objects, its like I move my mouse to the button under the item and the item has moved because it moves with the background lol. its not a huge deal but it can get a little annoying from time to time. speaking of the little button under the food item, is it possible to make the click area to select the item the actual item instead of the little button under the food? if its made that way for difficulty purposes i understand. i think my eye is trained to click the icon of the food then the little button under it from other random games. either way the mini game seems pretty fun aside from the quality of life issues i mentioned =)

    1. also the chat box when maiko comments requires a click to get rid of it, before you can click the food item to select that food it seems, so when you’re kinda just going through the game it kinda breaks the flow of just clicking the item, but instead going throw getting rid of the chat box to click the item for your order, maybe you can change it so that you can click the food through the chat box, and have the chat box time itself out, or move the chat box somewhere it doesnt overlap with the food clicking area

      1. Thanks for the feedback, The text box is multifunctional and also used in every other part of the game for dialogue scenes, and other minigames, etc, so it is like that currently for that reason. It is not a part of the cafe, it is part of the umch2 file that loads the cafe and other areas.
        I’m not sure I want to change it just yet to save one extra click in the cafe heh…

        I didn’t have in mind that that player should flow through the game without interruption when designing and coding it. That is actually part of the difficulty of remembering what you need to match. I actually planned to have a bit more talking also where sometimes you can can hear what is going on when the friend leaves. Or she will randomly say stuff while standing there. and sometimes students that know Maiko will stand in front of the buttons and say stuff to her. I’ll have to think about how I might change this to be more optimized, but for how I’ll leave it as it is until I get more of it finished.

    2. thanks for playing it, no you won’t be clicking the little tiny little buttons like that.
      it will be a area over the item, or bigger buttons similar to the button in my previous game like this. It should alleviate the other issue you having also. the game should not be frustrating to the point where you mention the background is moving heh. Because the background will be moving throughout the entire game.

  4. Nice work man. Looks like you’re continually making great progress on your projects. Do you plan on implementing this mini-cafe game in the main game? I’m eager to play the new version, do you have a timetable of what will be released?
    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Thanks yeah all the minigames are smaller parts of the main game. Not sure on a timetable, but I am making regular progress. Recently I just finished making the graphics for her holding each item in POV after you select it. Also I don’t think I am going to implement Maiko herself actually going to flirt with people. So that will speed up this part a bit at least.

      I think having a friend do flirting is enough of distraction, which is the whole point of it. Plus sometimes Maiko’s guy classmates will come talk to her.

    1. Thanks, The final will not be too much different from this, it will just have a few characters to add extra distractions.

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