January 3, 2024

17 thoughts on “MMD: Dark Horse

  1. For the minute there when the title of the video says Dark Horse. I thought you mean Darkhorse Comics. A company that created use to publish Star Wars Comics. LOL

    Nice shadow around her with the moon shining on her. By the looks of the BG. This must be Annie’s garden she goes too. She have a Panda hat, I thought it was a Cow hat at first. ROFL!

    1. Idk something in the video was missing or something, or maybe it was too serious so I gave her a silly hat because it made no sense lol.
      I recently got more stages and a few of them can be applied to future semitix stuff.

      1. Don’t forget to research for future projects like season types you know Spring, Summer, Winter it can make things much easier planning ahead of future projects. Right now it’s on autumn aka fall by the looks of it in UMCH.

        I think you can do some places leaf falling down in the forest to give it that nice effect of fall.

  2. A little constructive criticism. This video is full of flaws. The bra strap throughout the video and at the end is not in contact with the body. There are many other clipping issues.

    Not the best of your videos but enjoyable.

    1. What you mention is easier said then done. In summary, I won’t ever strive for that level of detail in mmd, I just do it for the fun of it.

      I will try to explain the reason it is like this in the video. Basically by default, the position of the bikini is covering the breasts as you can see from images here:

      and if you make a facial to move just the bikini part to the side, like in this video, that part will still behaves as if it is covering the breasts normally as if it is not moved. so I have to elevate it up some above the body so compensate for it. It is a limitation with the software to not have a way to alter physics with facials and be able to affect just the bikini section.

      mmd physics is not perfect to prevent clipping and a lot of it depends on the motion in question being used being specifically optimized for the model you decide to use with it. which in most cases it won’t be especially since all of mine are heavily edited anyway.

  3. Luma dancing with her huge tits out wearing a cute panda hat, what’s not to like 🙂 Nice job with the shading on her, the background/moon look nice as well. As Bart Simpson said, “sparkle sparkle” 🙂

    1. Thanks, I just came across another shader I wanted to test out. Maybe in the next video. Might be a just a test though, nothing too fancy.

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