September 5, 2023

11 thoughts on “MMD: Me!Me!Me!

  1. That is a nice model of the new Pattie the big areoles is something that Maiko, Zytra should have or Luma. Luma already have then big already. The pussy lips have animation is a nice touch.

    1. Thanks. patties boobs are a bit smaller though. not sure why they didn’t scale down with the rest of the boob heh. not sure if I will change it though, it’s not really a problem, unless it is lol. It is definitely noticeable thoguh.

    1. Yeah on the original motion her had just stops when it touches the breast there at the end.
      I was interested in seeing how it might look if she jiggled it a bit before ending it

    1. Thanks I might try to see if adjusting it messes up the weights. if it does, I’ll just least it as it is in this video.

  2. I’ve seen a handful of Me!Me!Me! MMD videos, but this is by far the best. The model is great, and as justjoe2k said, the animated vagina was a very nice touch! Just out of curiosity, are you willing to share the motion & model?

    1. Thanks The motion is publicly available last time I checked, the editing is extremely minor. But I was in the process of making a page here for posting motions I edit.
      I’m on the fence about the models. The reason I made them was to have something unique. But I was going to upload a few base models on that same page.

  3. Yes! You’re so awesome for doing a spoof of this! I was so hypnotized by the original video and this is just icing on top of the cake! >_<

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