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MMD: Ready For It+

  remake~! MMD: Ready For It

MMD: Копы

motion by Cyber Girl

MMD: Pattie Blow Job

no sound atm. working on a paizuri motion off and on also, then I should be able to make character specific videos…

Umichan Art updates (Pattie)

please post thoughts.

Pattie Cake

Click the objects and get a high score! Mouse         High Scores [insert_php] echo myscore_get_game_scores_by_id(10,4075753244);[/insert_php]  

Umichan Randomness 2

was going to have more but maybe next time. The important thing was that I got a lot of characters redone. Not…

UMCH Pattie cafe sex unique animation wip

this one gave me a lot of trouble. Far from perfect but it’ll have to do for now. working on replacing he…

Pattie animation video

pattie cake there’s still a few errors I need to fix with the pattie riding animation

no image

UMCH: Pattie outfits design

was working on the design for the outfits. And of course there is nude. Pattie won’t be boxing so I don’t think…

MMD: Die Young

these were a few scenes from a collab video I participated in around last winter. I found them on my computer and…

MMD: Problem

haven’t heard from the guy who was supposed to be doing the mmd hair. so I tried to do it myself over…

MMD: Me!Me!Me!

  did a quick motion, this motions is making it’s rounds around the internet. A you can see Pattie is updated. still…

no image

UMCH cafe friends

daily updates? lol got the other characters done good enough I guess. Those poses is what I plan to use in the…

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