updates and a few mmd videos

going to be away from my desk today so I will not be able to respond to any comments posted until much later on, but I can at least quickly read them on my phone. just made a few fun things in mmd yesterday. Still working on ARIA enemies having shields and waiting for the rest of the lines.

in UMCH I still need to finish up the pov sex minigame by making the boobs jiggle or move or something. The other art stuff for UMCH and UM Deluxe should still be in progress also last time I checked.

just made some cheerleader outfits real quick for fun. Wasn’t really caring about physics and clipping and all that stuff. the whole motion is pretty long this is just a portion of it. can perhaps makes more later with some students cheering the bg or something idk.

leyah hentai motion:
more leyah you say? this a motion of leyah as if she was getting a nice pounding on those soft little cakes. she has a dildo but I need to make it where it doesn’t move and the rides on top of it for the later part of it. Another longer motion, this is only a portion. btw what I am calling a long motion is probably a normal length motion lol. I mostly use short length motions.