September 17, 2023

12 thoughts on “updates and a few mmd videos

  1. The cheerleader video it’s funny Luma barely have a top on. Luma is the first one to have a her boobs pop out. Those 3 are the original three I seen in the Cheerleader mini game in UMCC.

    Leyah hentai the sex animation what else there is to say. It’s done perfectly, it’s impossible to find something wrong with it. Only there is no BG scene etc.

    1. Yeah those are the main three. there are few more girls from Luma’s crew I might play with later. I have quite a bit of mmd videos that are in limbo.

  2. Holy shittttttt those cheerleader outfits with no undies on my three favorite of your girls= I must have died and gone to heaven 🙂

    Oooooo Leyah being naughty hehehe

    1. I find it rather amusing how Maiko embraced Zytra at the beginning but walked past Luma haha. And those are some rather big pieces of confetti. Are those shredded nude pics the girls found of themselves on one of the boys? 😉

      1. looks like you did some research on the characters nice. It would have to be confetti thoguh. I’m quite sure Luma would literally stop mid dance and go run off to beat the crap out of Kyle if she noticed those were shredded pics of her or any other female.

        actually I think when I get around to making another 3d game, I might have it where you play as Kyle and need to avoid Luma. I already have a follow the player code working.

  3. Any cheerleader outfit that goes panty-less is a thumbs up in my book 🙂 For a quick and dirty, that was a fun watch…. but… yea… sorry… Leyah is still easily my favorite. Nice to see her really get naughty.

    1. so many issues in that video but oh well lol. my computer was lagging a bit in the realtime panel from all the physics in the palmpalms.

      I was going to upload hentai motions more but never really forced myself to do it. a lot of it needs editing of the motion. I have a few more I need to upload.

  4. Com essa torcida, ninguém vai querer jogar futebol, todos do time vão entrar para o exército e bater continencia para ela entre as pernas……………risos

    1. yeah it could be interesting if I spent a bit more time with it to make some motions that tell more of a story. we’ll see.

  5. wow man I really like that cheerleader vid… sexy as hell
    and for Leyah it would have been even better if there was a guy in the vid haha

    1. I’ll have to perhaps do the rest of the song for the cheerleading video. for hentai motions I still need to see what I have to work with. Need to make a few more guys also heh

  6. going to be adding some plugins to the site today so stuff might break.
    going to work on umch later today.

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