January 2, 2024

6 thoughts on “MMD: Express (pole dance)

  1. Maiko’s butt is so bouncy bouncy! I think there are dollar bills missing from this scene. Or did they just have to pay a flat fee to see this beautiful show? Kyle must be getting rich off of this somehow.

    1. Yeah the butt us bouncy but Maiko has always been overly jiggly even in 2D.

      Yeah I’m missing some money goid idea.

      We’ll the story is they are trying to earn money or even new sponsors to fix various things at the school that got broken or have become unusable. Kyle believes this is the best and fastest way to do it.

  2. I always like the BG of this stage always makes the colors be bright. Kyle idea to make money to fix the school… sex sells! But that last video of him busting a nut was funny as hell.

    1. Yeah I’ll probably use this stage and the other club stage in future videos. They require a lot of effort to set up lol.

  3. roughly how long does it take you to put a video like this together? once you have all your models and what have you finished

    1. We’ll ignoring the fact the motion and camera was made from complete scratch over time, and the stage (and people in it) were already set up from a previous video I did, this video specifically only took a few minutes to change the texture to Maiko’s bikini and to load the motion, camera and sound.

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