January 2, 2024

7 thoughts on “MMD water and sweat effects tutorial

  1. Wow this was interesting I guess maybe this can help me with a future game character I’m making thank as always Vortex

  2. Thanks vortex x3! hmm now that i know how iksweat runs, it makes sense why the water was moving sideways and up on arlvits models dam ;p need to do a major overhaul eventually

  3. Hello
    For some reason the sweat effect won’t show up for me event though i load correct fx files in correct tabs
    And idea why?
    It also wont load in x86 mmd only in x64 one

  4. For me I had to load both sweats in accessory panel (1 and 2) with the Ikworld and IkUVmap on them before sweat appeared

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