January 2, 2024

6 thoughts on “MMD Zytra LeanOn TwerkOut motion WIP

  1. Mimicking the video below as much as possible. Well the bounce is there so congrats. I see what you did sweet pants. LOL So how long did it took you to get the booty bounce animation for this one?

  2. My God the jiggle physics… IT’S OVER 9000!!!!! I feel like her ass will cause an earthquake there is so much jiggling. It looks good so far, though I’m not sure how her ass can move like then when torso is still. Nice haircut. Or was just to show off her ass? *Watches inspiration video* Holy shit, real life isn’t terribly far off from the jiggle physics!?

    Time for the technical scrutiny bullshit! (somehow they are all about the leggings)
    -Either painting the leggings onto her model directly is simpler than making stockings as clothing or you don’t have the tools to make pants on female models that don’t ignore the physics of MMD (*see previous comment on “Miss Right” video).
    -Is the low resolution on the designs of the leggings intentional or is that the highest resolution you can get on her model?
    -Especially on her lower back, the edge of her leggings may not be clear cut or straight. The straight bit doesn’t matter as much, but maybe a darker color along the edge would help distinguish the boundary between skin and legging.

    *Sigh* Always a critic. The animation is great though! Can’t wait to see the final product!

    1. “Time for the technical scrutiny bullshit”
      you seriously need to put a lid on this shit. Earlier you didn’t seem to realize all this little nitpicking shit. So I told you so you can try to catch yourself and stop doing it or at least do it much less. But instead of doing that you decided to embrace it like it is some funny little thing. So now you are intentionally killing the vibe.

      1. Okay, I’m sorry. I guess I’m being a bitch. Won’t happen again. I’ll try to keep my comments as positive as possible.

        1. idk about a bitch but yes if i asked you do chill on something and you do it anyways it is pretty irritating. it is like the one kid banging on the table and you ask him to stop then he bangs louder.

          you seem to be missing it so here is the reason I asked you to dial it back to the analysis/critique stuff. Please understand the fact that I already know there will always be room for improvement on any of my stuff. They are always ways to make it better. I know this already. you don’t need to point it out every single time. just chill. unclentch your buttcheeks. It’ll be fine if it is not perfect. I enjoyed making it. and you claimed you enjoyed watching it so just let it ride.

          you are also a artist so you notice little technical things, I but please understand that I already am probably already aware of them. and whatever the end result is what I decided to do with it. This is only not true with my games as there can be issues, glitches, etc that I am not aware of. almost always when I am looking for critique, analysis or critical opinions I will ask for it in separate post. did this for phia pic, and UMCH characters. other then that just assume I am aware that it is not without flaws and I chose to not address them for whatever reason.

          In relation to the video, painting on clothes is not technicality nor due to due a difficulty making clothes. it is my preference to do that. Yes the physics are intentional, yes she has short hair to show the ass better. yes the low resolution in intentional I didn’t plan to paint clothes on and when I did is when I noticed the low resolution, if fact I noticed it what I made the wireframe. It is hard to see where the vagina polygons are exactly because it is too pixelated. I decided for this to not redo the texture to make it larger, nor to scale it up. it wasn’t a big deal just a fun little video.

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