September 15, 2023

13 thoughts on “MMD: Santa Baby 2015

  1. Luma and sister version well why not. Might well well see how those models are doing motion. Since testing the models is a way to point out the flow. Than again it’s MMD there is a limit what MMD can do. Not a lot is going on in the BG. But I’m surprise the video with less effect, is the video where the model light effect and shade actually match the BG. I think you are starting to get the hang of how to make the models match the BG.

    1. By sisters I mean Zytra and Leyah. Yeah I didn’t want too much in the BG this time around. Yeah it takes a while to get the color saturation I am looking for, and I have been trying to using some different shaders and stuff also.

      1. Them to why not. LOL
        Zytra and Leyah should get a MMD in a bath. Where there dancing throwing something to each other. I don’t know I’m just throwing shit talking out of my ass as of right now. That one picture where you have Kyle take where a snap a pic of Zytra and Leyah in the bathroom. Do something with that.

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