January 4, 2024

6 thoughts on “MMD: Straight Up and Body Ache

  1. Paula Abdul if there is one thing that always cross my mind of her music is just one thing. Who the fuck is that cat that sings with her? LOL No I don’t mean the cat the singer that sing along with her. Why was he not in the video. He must of been one fat ass ugly mother fucker. To be replace by a fucking cartoon cat. Ok I know it’s not the video description. There is nothing bad I can say about video one. Maybe if only shadows can be place on front of her back. That makes it look like the place is dark. But I know you tried this before the limits of MMD. Anyways the video is good.

    Video two looks good and fast, a new model? Is this the model you plan to change to make it look like Charity? Or is this a Annie model your working on? If not who the hell is she? Because I see pink hair and pink eyes.

    1. What cat are you referring to ? I’m not familiar with it.
      Every time I try making the character dark to match the room is too dark to see the character very well so now I just keep the light where people can see them clearly.
      In the second video that is a edit of Luka I made. Luka is a Vocaloid like Miku heh. It is not one of my own characters, but it might be interesting to make a few of my characters with that body.

  2. Does anyone else have a hard time getting these MMD videos to play on a Chromecast? The “Straight Up” video plays fine, but the “Body Ache” video refuses to buffer and will at best play with on sound. This has been the case with most recent MMD videos including the newly posted “Santa Baby” video. I tried playing it on the tollvids mirror for comparison but they use a video type that is unsupported by Chromecast. I have a DSL internet connection that has no problem streaming other content and I have tried streaming these videos at all times of the day so it isn’t a site traffic issue.

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