UMCH Socialize dialogue thoughts for Classroom Socialize


Classroom Socialize ideas here.
Remember these are before or after class, but not during a class.

class subjects are generic. math, science, history, english.
Many conversations and situations with teachers.
Mika is very nice and like able but punishments are arguable harsher than Alma.
Alma is straight up strict
both mika and alma are milf type characters to most guys
Tom is laid back
Natan is strict and uptight
Luma is always bragging and teacher saying how great of a student Luma is.
Even Riley is a little confused about Luma’s attention from teachers.
Kyle is always getting lectured about pranks or throwing paper planes or whatever
Sometimes the pranks are from Pattie or even Roise but Kyle gets the blame.
character’s like lynn riley, amber, chris, etc are always discussing the lesson
Riley is always making sure maiko understood today’s lesson (to no avail)
Roise Luma Zytra always talking about guys, clothes, the next party, etc.
joiry,david, etc hate class, they just like female teachers.
jinru hates class but is actually smart as hell
sometimes Yui or Luma will be tasked with guarding Lynn with Cain is unavailable.