January 3, 2024

10 thoughts on “MMD: New Thang

  1. Looking great as always. ūüôā I’m going to assume that the lower frame rate for this video was a conscious decision, possibly as a style choice or because the effects used in the video cooperated better at this frame rate.

    1. It was a conscious decision but not because any of it works better. 60 fps is a pain the the ass to render in 64 bit mmd because I have to render it in parts if it is more than about 2200 frames. The effects and physics won’t connect smooth from one part to another and I have to reassemble it in windows movie maker in wmv format then convert to mp4. After it leaves wmm it becomes shit either way usually having overly grainy artifacts, similar too a crappy jpg image.

  2. Well the model match the BG I guess you will have to wait for the price to come down to get one of those VR Goggles. I see see you making POV using these models.

  3. w w w . c o m d o t g a m e . c o m / play / grappling-sister. Aqui est√° um site que tem um jogo muito excitante que voc√™ pode colocar ou n√£o algo parecido no jogo da maiko. Do tipo recompensa. Mas para acontecer “coisas interessantes” tem que descobrir os 13 finais, eu j√° descobri 7.

    1. this is definitely the wrong post for this. the fight system in UMCH is already worked out thoguh. It is real time. You don’t need to wait until a timer is ready.

    1. it is 30 fps. the same as literally every other mmd video I have made since 2013. trying using the mirror link if you are experiencing something less.

      1. The frame rate of the video is 30 but each odd frame is equal to that preceding even frame so the effettive frame rate is 15.

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