SVP Straw Poll, Feedback Requested

I was thinking about some of the regular content I had on the site that was outside the scope of a specific game, but still related to the website. I also used to have it where others would also post stuff on certain days about different stuff.

Aside from me finishing the games, I was wondering what stuff people might be interested in. you can pick multiple things. if not on the list then post suggestions here for extra content.

for reference:
(gameplay of hentai games)

Thoughts and Analysis (things beneficial to new H game developers, applies of other stuff probably also)

Guest art/fanfic/etc (art/writing/etc)

SVP Girls/ Model/ etc (model/cosplay photos video)

H-Arcade (minigames and submit score to the site)

Umichan 3d online (would start off just mainly having chat functionality)

MMD (3d ero dance video and 3D H animations)