ARIA Black screen! Feedback requested

If you are playing the offline downloaded version of ARIA and got a black screen when pressing stuff in the Holodeck or clicking Hanger from the main menu, and now have it working. Please post what steps you took to correct the problem.

Or if you have it working please post what you are using to play the game (the .exe, .swf in certain browser, etc.)

I am especially interested in windows 10 users. Problems I have seen so far result from not unzipping the file contents. But I want to see if there is some issues going on. I would be good to have a singed page where black screen technical issues are posted and has solutions.

For me to make large scale games like ARIA that flash can handle it is necessary that I design the game around using multi part files instead of one gigantic file that will crash flash. UMCH will be multi part also so if this is unable to be played on a certain OS or something it would be good to know about it heh.

As for me, I have windows 7.
for offline files, I run the swf. file with flash player 20 projector
and also can use the .exe created file.