small updates

working on my patreon deliverables today.

ttrop and I are almost done with alt ARIA art for now about will be getting back to UMCH stuff soon.
That is when art for the win/lose of the UMCH minigame and stuff can be created as people suggested.

below are the things I am working on today. I dont plan to finsih today but hopefully I will be done with UMCH and ARIA for now at least.

changes from 2.4 to 2.5:
added Bri Dream scene(Lynn and Riley sex scene)
viewed normally after the Jeo/Cain story scene
Holodeck unlock: rank 18+ and area 9+
Luma and Remi now available in Rank battles.
defeat scenes can now be replayed in the holodeck after being unlocked normally for the selected girl.
Ari lover scene finished.

changes from current public alpha v6a
adding unique scenes for Pattie, Jeni, and Leyah to the cafe
adding first implementation of the book store in the mall.
Classroom and Music club available.
Greel sex scene unlocked from music club, tom scene unlocked from Tom test in the classroom.

concept test demo for unlocking scenes for Arielle.