January 2, 2024

18 thoughts on “Daughter of Eve VN updates

  1. Getting people you trust to work on some smaller projects is a good idea.
    More can be done in less time.

  2. I was actually starting to ask myself “what about this VN?”
    Glad to know you remembered the existance of this project as well.

  3. Any progress on story games is good progress. 🙂 Is the VN version of the prequel Semitix going to get some attention too? I remember you mentioning that once.

  4. i dunno why but…ttrup his art is like…beautimis and the decision to let trustworthy people do some jobs for you is just awesome…i mean the more game the more win:3

    1. Yeah that’s the idea. I want to get a lot of games done. I haven’t even touched all the 3D games in a while either.

    1. when polisummer finishes I guess heh. I don’t know exactly myself. It’s hard to know because you might have trouble with some of the coding or get delayed fixing bugs, etc.

        1. idk I’m not coding this, but i know it takes time. I’ll check on this maybe in another week or so.

  5. i know pollisummer… he did help around some coding around hgames… but mostly is renpy engine… either way have high hope on this too

    1. i was told on the 26th so we’ll see. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a few days little after though. it’s hard to pinpoint deadlines.

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